The Downtown Designer Inspired by Super Luxe Italian Classics

Marina Moscone on being fresh on the womenswear scene

Marina Moscone may only be one year deep in her eponymous brand, but the designer is already approaching the forefront of ready to wear women’s fashion. Her journey has been much longer than twelve months — in fact, it’s been a lifelong pursuit of independent, informed work. “When I was three, I decided I would be a fashion designer.” she said. “After that, the hard work never stopped – Parsons, internships, first job, the next jobs, the shows, the work travels and partnerships with wide-ranging experiences…and now this.”

Her classic, European influenced designs are modern musings on what it means to be a beautiful woman. Marina succeeds at this aesthetic, determined to dress women the very best. But who is the ideal Marina Moscone girl? “She is much like the women I am surrounded by. Educated, inspired, independent. She appreciates quality, is a bit poetic and mysterious in her thoughts with an edge of exuberance. She needs zero fuss to feel beautiful.” she told us. Marina is an expert at crafting the feminine silhouette, but puts new twists on old favorites. From silk dresses, knit sweaters, and powerful pantsuits, she adds her own sensual spin.

The Vancouver born designer has always been set on launching her own line, but it took the perfect partner to launch it into action. “The moment I had my sister Francesca on board, we dove in to build Marina Moscone.” Francesca works on the operation’s business side, allowing Marina to focus on her own creative musings. Together, the brand is running smoothly, and forward. “In order to be able to focus on putting out the best collections I can every season, the brand needs a strong backbone – a loyal one. The fact that she is my sister makes it optimal. We both have a complete understanding of each other – she knows what I want to do without me having to tell her, she backs up my ideas and runs a tight ship.” Although their talents stem from different departments, the sisters have a “necessary balance” that allows the brand to thrive. “We both evaluate things in the bigger picture together — my view being slightly more romantic and hers being more pragmatic. We work towards common goals and we are on the same page. If Francesca does well, I do well, and vice versa.” Their personal connection is advantageous in that way. Marina describes starting the business together as the “best thing [they] have ever done.”

Her design inspiration hails from family summers spent in Italy, where her father is from. It has translated into designs made in New York, yet based around the romantic tones of Italian fabric. “I noted from a very early age that Italy is so ahead of the curve when it comes to not only the craft, but the passion for the craft. From textiles to tailoring to leather goods and on and on. I used to sit in the shops in Rome and watch my mother build her wardrobe for the next season, and to me there was such a romance about the whole picture from the raw materials to the actual in-store experience. I grew up to appreciate the quality, and the details behind the clothes – it is my passion. And beyond that, I loved that [the clothes] would work with her past seasons pieces…an ongoing evolution.” Because of this up close and personal view in her youth, quality is one of the most important factors in Marina’s studio.

Although she makes it look easy, being a young luxury brand is no walk in the park. They are still taking on the fashion world as it comes. “We are learning across all categories – from making the most effective use of time and resources, working with various people and teams in place from the behind-the-scenes to the ‘front of house’, and making sure we are taking care of ourselves and our teams so that we can all give our very best. Taking care of oneself is most important and it’s an ongoing juggling act.” But again, this is only the beginning for the brand. Marina describes the journey so far as a “beautiful evolution.”  Going into spring/summer 2018, a lot more will be happening soon. What started in her little apartment has grown immensely in a year’s time. “Now we have just opened our office and showroom in Chelsea. We thought we were going to do two collections – we did four in the first year. All of that has been energizing and exciting…and busy! We have a lot in the pipeline to look forward to, and Francesca and I try to remind ourselves to take a moment here and there to celebrate the milestones and enjoy the ride.”

A modern woman through and through, her end goal is to make garments that consumers will not only look beautiful in, but look beautiful in for a long time. “I really just strive to design very well made, beautiful pieces.” she told us. “If something is unquestionably beautiful then there is no question about it.” And there is no question about it — Marina Moscone is doing womenswear, beautifully.

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