Dry Brushing 101: How To Prep For Winter Skin

Dry brushing is an ancient beauty practice that has lasting power. Truly beauty from within, the process helps improve the appearance of skin, cleanse the body, and detox. The best part? It’s a one-time spend and requires less than five minutes of your day. Seeking wisdom on the art of dry brushing, I sought out the new Whole Beauty compilation by the ultra radiant, wellness master, Shiva Rose.


Body Brush



Skin is the largest organ in the body. And while many of us fixate on improving our faces, we often neglect the rest of our body, but there is a world happening below our chin. Rose advocates that as our skin is responsible for 25 percent of the body’s ability to detox, and therefore the whole body deserves reverence and respect.


Boasting many benefits, dry brushing’s core perk is improving lymphatic drainage, which aids in carrying waste to our blood for processing. One-third of our body’s toxins are excreted through the skin, and dry brushing helps unclog pores, stimulate the lymphatic system, and release trapped toxins. In other words, it’s a master detoxer. And if that perked your ears up, know that dry brushing is also an excellent precursor to any steam room or sauna.  


Dry brushing is as simple as it sounds –  brushing the skin with a dry, soft-yet-firm brush once a day for three to five minutes. This is best to do on dry skin, naked, before showering in the morning. Many people find the act of dry brushing to be very energizing, so it helps to do this to kick off your day rather by ending. Dry brushing is also an exfoliant, so it’s advisable to stand in the shower to capture any flaking dead skin. Just don’t overdo it with too harsh of strokes.


Here’s my opinion: It feels great, but is also sort of like hitting a threshold of nondescript pain, similar to deep stretching. It’s a tad uncomfortable, but the sensation is fleeting. Because the core functionality is to help drain the lymphatic system, you’ll need to brush in short and firm strokes in an upwards motion towards the heart. For example, start at your ankles and work up the legs. For the stomach area, work in a counterclockwise motion. Be more delicate in areas like the breasts.


Shiva Rose uses dry brushing as a daily ritual to enhance overall well being. “Over time, dry brushing can prevent cellulite and help regenerate collagen, and in the short term, it invigorates and energizes you,” says Rose. As you are shedding dead skin, she suggests that you also ask to release what no longer serves you.


Dry brush up to twice a day for best results and clean the brush with mild soap and water once a week.

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