From the duo that brought you ‘Gossip Girl,’ TV’s new empire might be coming

TV shows that influence fashion are few and far between — but when it hits, it really hits. Sex and the City brought nameplate necklaces and haute couture awareness to mainstream audiences; Gossip Girl found its signature style moments in Blair’s headbands, Chuck’s GQ-cool, and Serena’s cleavage. Now, the new incarnation of Dynasty might be coming for the throne.

Here are the things the CW’s new Dynasty has in its favor: It’s a Josh Schwartz/Stephanie Savage show, the duo behind Gossip Girl. The show’s costume designer Meredith Markworth-Pollack spent some time assisting on Gossip Girl and went on to work on the sets of Reign and Hart of Dixie. It also doesn’t hurt that the original Dynasty is already known for its larger-than-life fashion. Costume designer Nolan Miller set trends with padded shoulders and power suits, lots of sequins and teased hair.

WWD spoke to Savage and Markworth-Pollack about bringing back the Dynasty universe of fun and excess.

“We tried to be inspired in the same way the original show was, in creating something that is really speaking to the time that we’re living in,” Savage told WWD. “And we were so inspired by the original story architecture and characters of the show, which is something that anyone that’s been working in the primetime soap world for the last two or three decades has been a beneficiary of. Fashion was a huge part of Gossip Girl and was a huge part of the original Dynasty and I don’t think that those two things are unconnected.”

Dynasty might not quite be at Gossip Girl status yet — the show is in its third week and had just 1.3 million viewers for its debut — but, as Markworth-Pollack notes in the interview, Gossip Girl took time to catch on as well. Once the show was established as a major fashion player, brands were more than happy to have their pieces on the show. In spite of its less-than-stellar premiere, plenty of brand names can be found on the show’s characters — Balmain, Tom Ford, Gucci, and more.

In a New York Times interview with Markworth-Pollack, the designer said she was relieved to not have to recreate Miller’s iconic looks. “He was so cutting-edge, and I would never want to redo the beautiful work that he had done,” she said. “Instead, I’m planning it like a homage.”

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