E! Juicy Stories will be brought to you by Sex and the City alums Michael Patrick King and Amy B. Harris

In further proof that we all not-so-secretly wish it was 2005 again, the story of Juicy Couture is now being brought to a screen near you. E! has given the green light to a pilot called Juicy Stories, an hour-long dramedy centered around the original Juicy founders Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor.

You know it’ll be in good hands considering Sex and the City alums Michael Patrick King and Amy B. Harris are signed on as executive producers. The show was inspired by the Juicy duo’s memoir The Glitter Plan, described as “part memoir, part business manual,” that tells the story of the brand’s origins in a one-bedroom Hollywood apartment. Juicy Stories will be narrated by Skaist-Levy and Nash-Taylor and set in the land of 1990s Von-Dutch-and-cutoffs Los Angeles.

Considering Juicy Couture has been staging a comeback with last year’s release of the Vetements and Juicy collab and on the heels of the brand’s 20-year anniversary — and considering our current obsession with the early aughts — there’s no better time to put your bug-eyed Chanel sunglasses on and sheathe yourself in velour.

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