The Actual Things Our Editors Want This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for wishful thinking, am I right? While we all appreciate the average “socks and underwear” bundle, there are quite a few items our editors have topping their wish lists this year. From aesthetically pleasing aromatherapy pieces to swanky cheetah-print tops, all of us at COOLS are craving something a little bit “extra” this holiday season. Take note, friends and fam: our most-wanted picks before you buy us another knit sweater (please & thanks) are ahead.

The Actual Things Our Editors Want This Holiday SeasonName: Heartleigh Little

Job: Editorial Director

Instagram: @littlethelittle

On Her Wishlist: ILA Livia 14K Gold & Emerald Earrings, Acne Studios Oversized Wool Turtleneck, & The Row The Ascot satin clutch

Why: “Since finding out that Santa wasn’t real at the ripe age of 14, Christmas has never been the same for me. It was tragic and shocking and a seminal moment in my adolescence that forced me to rethink this whole idea of gifting. Since then, I’ve toned down the material focus of the holiday and find fulfillment in spending quality time with family. In the instance that Grandma needs some gifting guidance and won’t take “money” for an answer, I always have a running wishlist of classic, forever pieces at hand. And socks.”


The Actual Things Our Editors Want This Holiday Season 5Name: Merilyn Chang

Job: Editorial Assistant

Instagram: @merilyn___

On Her Wishlist: Chanel Chance Hair Mist,  Orseund Iris Night Out Top Midnight, &  Salvatore Ferragamo Signature Cufflinks

Why: “The Chanel Chance hair mist is for my mom — she’s been a fan of Chanel for a while and has been asking for their products! I love Orseund Iris but it’s a little out of my usual price range. They’re a little pricey, so probably not very realistic, but it’s definitely on my wishlist! And I’d love to get these Salvatore Ferragamo cufflinks for my dad! I’ve been telling him how good SF is and would love to show him with these cuffs.”


The Actual Things Our Editors Want This Holiday Season 8Name: Jessica Teves

Job: Editor in Chief

Instagram: @jessicateves

On Her Wishlist: Schott Motorcycle Jacket, Foundrae Strength Medallion, & Saint Laurent Leopard-Print Ankle Boots

Why: “I don’t necessarily need this jacket since I technically have three that are fairly similar, but this one has been calling my name for a while—it’s simple and classic, but also fairly heavy, which makes it perfect for winter. I plan to buy a few sizes up, so I can layer my chunky knits underneath.


I’m a big fan of Beth Bugdaycay’s line—it’s timeless but also altogether different and totally my jam in that there is deeper meaning behind many of the pieces. I have a smaller ‘wholeness’ medallion from her, but have been eyeballing this larger strength piece as a reminder to push harder under pressure, and in all aspects of my life.


I have a pretty steady uniform of jeans and white tanks, so accessories are my moment to shine. Enter these extremely wearable leopard-print boots that, well, need little explanation as to their necessity in my world.”


The Actual Things Our Editors Want This Holiday Season 2Name: Erin Cunningham

Job: Managing Editor

Instagram: @erinecunningham

On Her Wishlist: Great Jones Family Style, Sandy Liang Hugs Fleece, & BATSHEVA Red Headband

Why:I never thought ‘non-stick pans’ would be on my holiday wish list, but after a recent scrambled egg attempt gone awry, it became clear my kitchenwear needs an upgrade. For the cooking I do, I probably only need The Small Fry, but since this isn’t coming out of my pocket, I might as well ask for the whole she-bang. I would also happily accept this fleece coat in an attempt at being “outdoorsy.” I also don’t know when the last time I wore a headband was, but I kind-of want this as decoration for my nightstand. Is that wrong?”


The Actual Things Our Editors Want This Holiday Season 10Name: Iesha Coppin

Job: Editorial Fellow

Instagram: @coppiniesha

On Her Wishlist: Chanel N°5 limited edition,  ASOS DESIGN Curve tapestry coat with faux fur collar, Saint Laurent Monogram Kate Leather Chain Wallet

Why: “Timeless, classic, and elegant all come to mind when thinking of the Chanel brand. There’s a nostalgic quality to the iconic Chanel N°5 perfume that transports me to my childhood self as my mother would often fill the house in the original pungent fragrance. My fascination with vintage fashion is no secret and this ‘grandma’s tapestry meets 70’s realness’ coat is no exception. The ornate floral print may be just alarming enough to work while giving me a taste of Gucci cruise without breaking the bank. And I’ve lusted over a Yves Saint Laurent bag for as long as I could remember, but could never justify such an alarming price for a handbag as the whispers of ‘student loans’ hangs over my head. If I had the unlimited funds, I would want a designer bag that is understated and withstands the test of time just as this Kate Leather chain wallet.


The Actual Things Our Editors Want This Holiday Season 4Name: Tabitha Britt

Job: Contributing Editor

Instagram: @tabithainthecity

On Her Wishlist: Strand Book’s The Book Hookup – Feminist Literature, Anthropologie Celine Dinner Plates, & Francesca’s Metallic Wine Glasses

Why: ”Strand Books is my all-time favorite bookstore. Now, customers have the chance to subscribe to a book box that comes with a signed first edition along with some Strand swag. This would be an easy way to get my reading in without having to choose the title. I also love cooking and hosting! I can’t resist buying fancy dinner plates and glasses. These plates are a bit pricey, so I probably wouldn’t actually ask for them. But, if I had an imaginary wishlist, they’d definitely be on it. I drink wine quite often, so I have a cabinet full of wine glasses. I collect wine glasses and coffee cups, and these metallic wine glasses would fit right into my collection.”


The Actual Things Our Editors Want This Holiday Season 7Name: Lauren Kaiser

Job: Contributing Beauty Editor

Instagram: @kaisersoze1

On Her Wishlist: Krewe Sunglasses, Meow Meow Tweet Juniper Carrot Face Oil, & Le Creuset

Why: “I know what you’re thinking… sunglasses in December? Damn straight, I’m from California and we wear sunglasses 365 days a year. Plus, these sunglasses have 100% UVA/UVA protection for winter’s sneaky yet potent damaging sun rays. I also have a goal for this winter to stay as moisturized as humanly possible. This face oil is so nice to lather on at night, it smells luxurious, and revitalizes while I’m sleeping. At this price point, it’s a win-win for both giver and receiver. You also know you’re adulting hard when a pot is on your wishlist. But as we enter hibernation mode, I want nothing more than to binge watch Netflix cooking shows and flex my culinary muscles… especially when beach season is long gone.”


The Actual Things Our Editors Want This Holiday Season 1Name: Cody Jones

Job: News Editor

Instagram: @hi_cody

On His Wishlist: Happy Socks, “What If This Were Enough?” by Heather Havrilesky, & “Book” by Commodity

Why: ”I am so boring for choosing socks, but I. Love. Socks. The brighter and weirder the better. I bought the digital version of Heather Havrilesky’s latest book when it came out, but I wouldn’t mind re-reading a physical copy of it. And this is the best fragrance I’ve found in awhile and I’m currently running out.”


The Actual Things Our Editors Want This Holiday Season 3Name: Alix Gutiérrez

Job: Social Media Editor

Instagram: @guccihour

On Her Wishlist: Sandy Liang Checkers Fleece, “The Girl Next Door” By Richard Prince, Boy Smells Candle: Prunus

Why: “I’ve been eyeing this Sandy Liang jacket since it came out. Everything about it is perfect — the pink lining, generous leopard detailing, weird back pocket placement. It’s perfect, I love it. Not sure how I continue to live without it. And this Richard Prince book is one of my favorite photo books! And also very hard to come by. A stunning perverse documentation of upstate NY mixed with some of Prince’s paintings, and writing. I also moved into a new apartment about two months ago and I’m obsessed with making it smell good, so this candle is a must.”


The Actual Things Our Editors Want This Holiday Season 9Name: Jennifer Hussein

Job: SEO Editor

Instagram: @jen_hussein

On Her Wishlist: Wax Buffalo Winter Candle Collection, Oribe Côte d’Azur Incense, & Cooluli Mini Beauty Refrigerator

Why: “There’s nothing more inviting than the warm glow of a candle and a well-scented home. I tried Wax Buffalo’s autumn seasonal candles, and I grew so obsessed with them — and they’re much more budget-friendly than Byredo or Diptyque. I’ve also been recently turned on to incense, and this scent from Oribe is a must-have for me: it has their signature Côte d’Azur that’s found in their hair care products (there’s also a candle and perfume), which is one of my favorite scents ever — I would bathe in it if I could! And of course, I have so many skincare items that I’d love to store in this mini beauty fridge. A chilled jade roller and cool gel moisturizer at all times? Yes, please.”


The Actual Things Our Editors Want This Holiday Season 6Name: Marie Laure Dumon

Job: Head of Merchandising

Instagram: @fromparistobrooklyn

On Her Wishlist: Danse Lente Johnny Mini Smooth and Textured-Leather Bucket Bag, Equipment Leopard Print Shirt, Mounser Pagoda Fruit Gold-Plated Pearl Earrings, & a nice dinner at L’Artusi

Why: “I have expensive taste!”

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