Emily Ratajkowski Made My Pre-Teen Outfit Staple Look So Chic

Setting aside the fact that Emily Ratajkowski is a model and her job is to make clothing look good, this week I have to hand it to her: she really killed a look that’s not easy to pull off. The model and actress stepped out in New York City on Tuesday wearing a pair of black pedal pushers (possibly leggings) and a white bra. Over it, she wore a beige blazer and a pair of open-toe shoes. 


Now, you may be thinking to yourself “this is simply a workout outfit with a blazer,” and you would be correct. However, it’s the specific cut of the bottoms that makes the look reminiscent of both my favorite pants in the 4th grade and also a cool mom in the 1950s. It’s objectively not easy to make it look modern. 

Emily Ratijkowski Made My Preteen Outfit Staple Look So Chic

When it comes to pedal pushers, there are several routes you could take. You could go the way of Emily and opt for dressed up leggings or you could look for a more structured pair with the little bit of give. You could go denim or sparkly and everywhere in between. Welcome back to my childhood. 

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