Let’s face it: fashion has a serious sustainability issue. Whether it’s the use of toxic products that could poison your skin, the support of animal cruelty, the negligence of basic human rights or disastrous emissions for the planet – fashion leaves a sour footprint on our world. That said, many brands and retailers are making an effort to turn this around. Those efforts should be recognized, and consumers should have easy access to a fair evaluation of a brand’s ethical practices. Yet the visibility is still scarce and scattered; transparency is difficult to access. COOLS collected mass data on 1,000+ brands and plans to cover information for its 10,000+ brands available on site by the end of 2018. COOLS provides an easy and digestible way that will allow its users to avoid days of research and inform them on the level sustainability of their purchases in a matter of seconds.


COOLS’ shopping platform aggregates millions of products from hundreds of retailers worldwide from Net-a-Porter to Nordstrom and Barneys. The scale of COOLS platform gives the opportunity to change the way the world shops on a global level.

COOLS introduces “Ethicools” a database that assesses the transparency levels of the 10,000+ brands worldwide based on 16 ethical aspects such as fair-trade, eco-friendly, animal cruelty, and child labor values. With Ethicools, you can filter and shop by the causes and effects that matter most to you. As consumers, you have the power to influence the fashion industry’s effect on our world.

Until now, visibility on sustainable brands has been only an activist effort. Fashion impacts everyone. Transparency should not be a privilege. We believe it should be the norm.



We’ve created a simple, easy-to-read scale based on the collected public data that breaks down a brand’s level of transparency. Our index helps shoppers easily identify a brand’s commitment to sustainable practice for the following categories: Fashion and Beauty.


The people that produce what we wear are just as important as those who wear it, from ethical and fair working conditions to investing in the community of its laborers.

Workers are fairly paid + safe working conditions

Empowering women and supporting equality
No child labor or forced labor of any kind in the full supply chain.
Provide decent working conditions and insurance

Isn’t harmful for the body (Free of some materials, hypoallergenic…). The can be chemicals but not harmful, particularly relevant in Beauty products.

Made of natural and organic products, particularly for Beauty products.


Where things are made matters. 98% of clothing bought in the US is imported from abroad. Let’s change that by starting close to you; it not only promotes the local economy, but helps to reduce the global environmental impact in the process.

Product is made according to people’s crafts and their indigenous expertise. Let’s keep the tradition alive.

Made in the USA 🇺🇸
Made locally could also mean local for the Artisans and the impact made locally has on the community.


Beyond animal cruelty and the ethics of fur farming, the production of animal skins is associated with high environmental costs. Innovative fashion has opened up alternatives to animal products, including:

Product is made without animal components. Approved-vegan by PETA.

No presence of animal fur and cruelty-free made product

Particularly for Beauty products, not tested on animals


Fashion is taxing on our environment; there’s no way around it. Knowing how your products are made is the first step to changing this.

Not harmful for the environment (naturally dyed, organic cotton, small quantities of water and energy used, trying to reduce carbon footprint and decreasing the environmental impact of chemicals)

Traceable and transparent materials, extracted in the respect of people and nature.

Uses renewable energy in production, limiting carbon footprint
Packaging: recycled / recyclable?


Our filters are available in the COOLS Shopping pages right below the categories, you’ll see our Ethics filter.

Here, you will be able to select the filters that are meaningful to you. Hover over the filter to see more information ℹ︎ about it. You can click through to the EthiCOOLS page to find out even more info.

EthiCOOLS Filter

Once you’ve selected the filter, you will see brand products with information relevant to the filter you’ve selected.

Clicking on the product ⊕ you’ll find all the relevant information. EthiCOOLS index information for each criteria is shown for this brand product. The information is presented in a clear and easy to understand metric scale so you know exactly what you’re looking at. There is a rating for each category: Humans, Animals, Environment and Community. The category rating is the average of all the criteria in that category. You will see your EthiCOOLS filters in each of these categories.


The overall EthiCOOLS SCORE looks at all the category scores to give you an overall value for this brand. This gives you an ‘at a glance’ score for this brand in relation to the EthiCOOLS Criteria.

See below to find out more about how we get to these numbersEthiCOOLS SCORE info


Each criteria for a brand is given a score from zero to five.
Zero = we have no information on the brand. This is neither good nor bad – it just means we couldn’t find out anything in our research. We will continue to research and investigate.
Five = excellent. When a brand meets all the EthiCOOLS criteria we give them the highest score we can. They’re doing a great job.

The overall brand score is there to give you an average EthiCOOLS criteria score for the Brand. You can easily see the breakdown of category scores related to the brand with each prod.


The EthiCOOLS index used publicly available information about each brand. We researched and scored brands independently.*

Our research methodology took account of the EthiCOOLS criteria for a brand across the relevant stages of the Fashion ecosystem; from the Design to when the customer puts it on.

We looked at policies, processes and corporate governance through these stages;

  • Design
  • Sourcing & Processing
  • Development
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Storefront
  • The customer wearing it
    …to what happens when it is recycled.

This information was gathered from;

  • Brand websites
  • Parent company websites
  • Annual and sustainability reports
  • Reliable Third party websites
  • Direct conversation with the brand

Should you know of any inaccuracies in our scoring please contact us at and we will review the information.

We aim to provide a clear and up-to-date reflection of transparency information in the COOLS shopping experience.


This index and our ratings aren’t here to point fingers, but to inform shoppers and open a dialogue with brands that may fall behind on these issues. If you are a shopper and have comments or questions, or a brand that wants to get involved, contact


You as a consumer generation hold the power to change the fashion and beauty industry’s impact on the world. While providing you the tools to shop better, we encourage brand accountability and hope to influence a greater rate of transparency – industry wide.

*Please see COOLS Terms & Conditions: Our ratings are based in whole or in part on information we gather from brand websites, parent company websites, annual reports and sustainability reports, and third party websites we deem to be reliable. Other than direct conversation with brands in some instances, we do not independently verify this information, and we do not verify what a brand tells us. We do our best to be as accurate as we can be, but we cannot guarantee that each of the ratings is accurate in every instance. If you are a brand and believe that a rating is inaccurate, please contact us at and we’ll get back to you.