How to Keep Your Florals Exciting This Spring

Admit it—ever since The Devil Wears Prada‘s infamous “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking” line twelve years ago, you’ve given a slight second-thought each time your instincts reached for the floral dress as soon as the temperature passed 70.

It’s true that spring florals can be overplayed, but that doesn’t mean they should be pushed out of our warm-weather rotations. There is definitely a cliché, boring way to do spring florals, but there is also a way to keep the style fresh and exciting. There really is something to a flower-covered dress that mimics blooming spring flowers. 

spring florals

Matches Fashion

A few good tips to note: little flowers in a repeated motif are always good, an interesting dress style like a maxi or wrap keeps things fresh, and big, dramatic flowers are a smart choice. Try out your spring florals on a darker base color than the typical spring dress, maybe navy or gray.

You can even really mix things up with your spring florals by opting for flower-coated trousers or a skirt, as opposed to a dress

Once you’ve found your perfect floral dress or get-up, styling is easy. Just find a pair of shoes that go with your color palette and grab a pair of on-trend sunglasses.


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