The Secret To The Instabrow—Unveiled

You know a good “Instabrow” when you see it: they’re big, they’re bushy, and they instantly make you feel inadequate and un-groomed. You can always fake it ‘til you make it via brow pencils, gels, even microblading—but these options take patience, practice, and precision in order to give off the same naturally fluffed finish we want. Well, as the old saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures: if you’re in desperate need to reupholster your brows, then going under the knife could be in your future.


Yes, eyebrow transplants are a thing—after all, it is 2019, so is this procedure really a surprise? Allure reports that this brow-enhancing treatment has been on the rise for years, and is making a resurgence after actress/brow maven Meagan Good announced earlier this month that she got the procedure done. If your Y2K days of overplucking has left you behind with razor-thin brows that won’t seem to grow out, then this might be your solace to better, fuller furrows.



Getting a “transplant” may sound frightening, but it’s not what you’d think: unlike other dire health transplants, you’re not swapping your brows out for someone else’s. Rather, Atlanta-based plastic surgeon Dr. Benjamin Stong says that this procedure is basically the same as a scalp or beard transplant. “For an eyebrow transplant surgeons take hair follicles from a patient’s donor site on the back of their head and move them to the thinning portions of the eyebrow,” he says.


Unlike microblading, this procedure is completely permanent, and doesn’t require any form of ink or tattooing that can wear off after a few years. “The donor follicles are collected from areas that are genetically programmed not to fall out,” says Dr. Stong. He also notes that the procedure is fairly quick, and downtime is rather minimal.



While permanent sounds great—who doesn’t want perfectly full brows at all times?—make sure you go to a reputable surgeon who won’t leave you with messed up arches. Always make sure to do your research, read reviews, and always stay cautious about those half-priced Groupon deals. Remember: you can’t put a price tag on yourself, so the investment in a skilled surgeon will pay off in the long run.


How much would this ordeal cost, anyways? Well, unfortunately for my fellow bargain hunters, it’s definitely not the cheapest brow option available: according to Dr. Stong, this pricey procedure could set you back anywhere between $4,000-$7,000 depending on the amount of restoration needed.


But, who could put a price tag on Insta-worthy brows, right?

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