Forget Extensions: This Is The Summer Eyelash Trend You Can’t Live Without

So, you love lashes. You have dabbled in all the growth serums, water-resistant mascara has long-since become the lifeblood of your makeup bag, and you’ve since graduated from falsies to the big-time: eyelash extensions. And they looked really good for about a week, by which time you opted to become a slave to the regular refill. What else is a gal to do?


Well, there is another option, and it might just completely revolutionize your routine. Enter, the eyelash lift. No mink, no glue, just your natural eyelashes extended to their full potential. Essentially, you can all but bury your mascara (most treatments also come with a tint, FYI), because, well, you quite literally woke up like this. We’re talking water- and sleep-proof curl that won’t quit for at least six weeks—perfect for surviving what’s thus far been a very sticky summer. 


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And the experts approve. Despite her “try anything” attitude, Kim Kardashian is famous for rejecting eyelash extensions—making curling the primary focus. When recently asked the biggest makeup mistake women persistently make, her right-hand man and makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, revealed neglecting to uplift the eyelashes as the primary offense. 


“Something simple like curling the lashes can transform a face,” Dedivanovic told Fabulous Online. “A lot of women will just put their mascara on, but giving the lashes a really big curl makes a huge difference, brightening and opening up the eyes.”

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So how does it work? A silicone mold is applied to the eyelids for the eyelashes to be shaped to and permed with a non-toxic glue, with the entire process concluding after a mere 15-20 minutes at NYC’s beloved GLO Spa. The pressure of the eyelash shaper is such there is very little effort required to keep your eyes closed.


And the results are, well, pretty remarkable. Coupled with the tint, it will be difficult to for your friends to believe they’re real. I was asked multiple times what I had changed, with only several pals able to pinpoint my eyelashes (the latter mostly querying if I’d had false lashes applied). This I credited to the fact that each eyelash must be separated in order to shape, resulting in a full-fan effect that is usually not achievable sans extensions. After 24 hours of avoiding water (treat them like you would a perm), they’re ready to go—with or without mascara. 


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It’s important to remember, however, the change is not a drastic one. A session will not turn you into a video vixen—if you’re lashes aren’t of an extraordinary length already, you aren’t destined for the lamp-like eyes of a young Twiggy (if you are seeking that effect, pair with a proven lash-growth serum). The improvement is a subtle one, but certainly more than enough to provide you a new lease on your beauty routine. And honestly? It’s more than worth it. So why not? Beat the heat and book away.

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