In Perfect Harmony: Your Face, Your Hair And This Essential App

How much do you think about your face? Let me guess: a lot. You likely consider its lines, its texture, its dips and curves. What you probably don’t factor in is the shape, which, when not properly complemented, can impact your appearance most of all. So, want to figure out your truest face shape? Forget everything you think you know and allow me to introduce you to your solace: the Face Shape Meter.


This app is as straightforward as it gets: its sole purpose of existence is to assist you in determining your correct face shape. No games, no gimmicky add-ons, just simply outline your face and get the answer that’s long-since eluded you. And trust us, it goes beyond the basic “circle,” “oval,” “square,” and “heart” categories that we’ve been boxing our faces into for many moons. The app actually lists eight facial outlines, and identifies the perfect one for your face shape. The downfall? You have to pay for it, but, for a measly 99 cents, it’s pretty worth it.


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But why do you need to know your face shape in the first place? Well, contouring of course, but above all, it’s crucial in determining the haircut that properly compliments your angles. So, to alleviate any decision fatigue, we rounded up the best hairstyles to suit each shape. 



Heart Shape: Fringe Bangs


In Perfect Harmony: Your Face, Your Hair And This Essential App 3


To accentuate your romantic shape, give some fringe bangs a try. They help give your strong facial contours added definition, for a full-on chiseled look even on your no-makeup days.



Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray, Size 1.6 oz




To give your bangs some texture, try grabbing your favorite texturizing product and tussling them. My go-to texture product will always be the Morrocanoil Dry Texture Spray. It’s perfect for adding some grunge energy to fringe bangs, but it doesn’t weigh them down or leave a gross residual feel. 



Oval: Pixie Cut


This App Shows the Best Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes 9

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For our oval-faced gals, we suggest making statements with your look by making the big chop. Pixie cuts will help accentuate the angles of your face shape, whereas longer hair can overpower your face. And a bonus: pixie cuts are extremely easy to maintain, so if you’re a low-maintenance person then this is a dream.



Clean Luxury Conditioner in Beauty: NA.




One of our favorite pixie styles is the slicked-down wet look. Not only does it look editorial-ready, but it’s also extremely easy to create: just smooth down your hair with some hair gel, and pump up the sheen with the Gloss Moderne High Gloss Serum.



Square: Textured Lob


This App Shows the Best Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes 11

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Square-shaped faces should be wary when going short, especially chin-length. As a short bob will harshen the angles of your face, you should opt for a lob instead. A lob is short enough to give off some attitude, but long enough to soften your facial features. Giving your lob some texture and body will only add more feminine softness for a spot-on look.



Dry Volume Powder Shampoo, 200ml – Colorless




So add some body and texture to your hair, tease it with some volumizing hairspray. When I’m styling my hair, I always reach for the SACHAJUAN Volume Powder. It adds that extra “oomph” factor to give your strands a bigger, bolder look.



Circle: Bob + Side Bangs


This App Shows the Best Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes 12

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For our circle-faced friends, your face is naturally smaller so you need a cut that will show it off instead of hiding it. That’s when to cue in the bob: it’s a short haircut that still gives you some length to play with, but won’t hide your face in a sea of tresses. If you’re a bangs kind of girl, avoid any blunt or full bangs as they can hide your face. Instead, opt for some subtle-and-sexy side bangs.



Heat Protect Spray, Size




You can never go wrong with a Victoria Beckham-straight bob, so get ready to whip out your straightener and get to work. But, don’t fry your tresses in the name of good hair: use the GHD Heat Protect Spray to guard them from any tool-related damage.



Triangle: Thick bangs + Waves


This App Shows the Best Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes 6

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Yes, there are more face shapes out there than just the four primaries we often focus on. The triangle face shape is among the most forgotten, and it deserves to shine in the limelight. So, accentuate your triangular face by getting some thick bangs and waves.



Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray, Size 3.4 oz




To create bodacious wavy locks, use a sea salt spray to create a sexy mermaid vibe. My best pick is the top-rated Drybar Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray.



Inverted Triangle: Curtain Bangs


This App Shows the Best Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes 7

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Inverted triangle face shapes tend to have a broader forehead and a pointed chin. So, to tone down the intensity of the top half of your face, try some curtain bangs. They’ll help proportion your face shape, without completely hiding your face.



Superfine Strong Hair Spray




To keep your curtain bangs in place all day long, you might want to pin them in place with bobby pins—and here’s a little secret: to keep bobby pins from loosing their grip, spray them with a bit of hairspray. This one from Oribe has an extra-strong hold, so you won’t have to worry about any budging.



Diamond: Bob + Blunt Bangs


This App Shows the Best Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes 8

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A diamond face shape is one of the few who can actually pull off such a bold look. The shortness of a bob paired with blunt and full bangs will perfectly frame your face shape, while effortlessly defining your shape and contours.



Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse, Size 1.9 oz




To give your blunt bangs a fluffier, fuller look, try using a thickening product on them. This mousse from Living Proof should be just right.



Oblong: Layered Loose Waves


This App Shows the Best Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes 5Oblong face shapes can get tricky to style, which is why we suggest playing it safe with a simple, longer hairstyle. Some layered loose waves will do just the trick: simply create loose curls with your favorite hair curler, brush them out, and spray them with a light hairspray to lock in your look. Et voilà!



Chiffon Styling Mousse, Size One Size



The secret trick to creating full-bodied curls is to use a volumizing mousse before grabbing your curler. Our top pick is the R+Co Chiffon Styling Mousse.

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