Farrah Abraham Pulled a Kylie Jenner and Removed Her Lip Fillers

Farrah Abraham, reality star, stripper, and one-time yogurt shop entrepreneur, took some inspiration from Kylie Jenner and removed her lip fillers just three days after Jenner. The MTV reality star is also apparently seeking a more natural look and, like Abraham is wont to do, is happily documenting it on social media.

The 27-year-old Abraham posted a (very informative) video showing the process of her dermatologist Dr. Sheila Nazarian injecting her lip with fluid, likely Hyaluronidase, that will essentially deflate her lips.

“When it initially goes in it does make the lip look bigger, because obviously I just put a bunch of fluid in there,” Dr. Nazarian explains in the video. “Then over the next couple of days her lip is really going to deflate and go down which is exactly what we want. We will put in the proper filler, so the filler doesn’t suck in to much water and stays exactly where we want it to stay.”

Abraham and Jenner have some interesting similarities that extend beyond a new penchant for the natural lip look — in some ways, Abraham is the rated-R version of Jenner. They’re both young moms and reality stars who have built massive followings out of being themselves and, well, also being hot moms. There are some obvious differences in career paths, namely Kylie’s ascent to becoming a young billionaire with Kylie Cosmetics. 

But an interesting difference is that, while they’ve both made a career out of living their life in front of the camera (or iPhone camera), Abraham has done so in a more blatantly sexual way. She’s been chastised and gained notoriety for things like releasing sex tapes and having her daughter film her plastic surgery. They represent the unique polarity of having people love you for being you — or at least the Instagram version of you – in Kylie’s case, and, with Farrah, the other side of when that’s perceived to have gone too far.

Will Farrah continue to emulate Kylie beyond both pursuing natural lips? Will there be a Farrah Cosmetics out soon? It will be interesting to see.


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