Fashion Month Is Convincing Me To Get A Mullet

The mullet: a classic style that faced its untimely death as soon as the early 2000s rolled in. But, the controversial haircut has been begging for a resurgence, and the most impressive shows of Fashion Month are its greatest advocates From fringed floor-sweeping numbers to mini-versions, it’s time to accept the fact that a mullet renaissance is upon us. Check out the most impressive homages to the timeless cut, below.


The Romantic Mullet

Fashion Month Is Convincing Me To Get A Mullet

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Carolina Herrera’s Fall 2019 show was filled with toned-down, sweetheart takes on the classic mullet. Think: pin-straight layers, curtain bangs, and light fringes. For this tamer version,, hair legend Odile Gilbert kept styling at a minimum, allowing each model to rock their natural hair type. To achieve the look, Gilbert used Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray to smoothen frizz and flyaways. Done and done.


Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray


The Extra Mullet

Fashion Month Is Convincing Me To Get A Mullet 1

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At Collina Strada’s NYFW presentation, mullets were as far as the eye can see. Extra-long crimps, waves, and fringe descended down the technicolor dreams-themed runway, perfectly matching the chalk-covered presentation.

“The hair was a ‘70s nomadic theme, so it was about enhancing each individual’s texture and look.” said lead hair stylist Gareth Bromell, noting that he used colored hairspray for volume and pigment. “I decided to add extra length to the mullets, for exaggeration and volume. No structure, just rugged architecture.”


The Androgynous Mullet

Fashion Month Is Convincing Me To Get A Mullet 2

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While the mullet itself is quite an androgynous cut, the style masters at ALEXCHUNG’s London presentation heavily played with the idea, going with slightly tousled with  natural body and pinned back bangs.


But, the real surprise was the play on frizz. Instead of slicking the hair down to near perfection, hairstylist Alex Brownsell played on exaggerating flyaways with two shocking tools: a balloon for volume, and hairspray to tease and style.


Fluxus Touchable Hairspray



The Messy Mullet

Fashion Month Is Convincing Me To Get A Mullet 3

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The mullet is the apple pie of hairstyles: It’s a classic American cut. That’s why Far East decided to create a parody of USA signatures at their London Fashion Week show, with models dressed in distressed shorts, American flag sequined tops, and of course, a messy mullet topped off with a MAGA-riffing “My Period’s Late Again” baseball cap.


The Grunge Mullet

Fashion Month Is Convincing Me To Get A Mullet 4

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In their ode to great grunge goddess Courtney Love, Batsheva played with braids to create a faux-mullet look, mixing sweet and edgy into one ‘do. Touches of loud hairpieces, ribbons, and beads took the style to new extremes, getting the full approval of the Hole lead singer.


Sequin Scrunchie



The Gucci Mullet

Fashion Month Is Convincing Me To Get A Mullet 5

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We could dedicate this entire article to Gucci’s Milan runway show. There was not a single second without a rift on the classic cut, ranging from 80’s-inspired curls to rebellious baby bangs and mini-mullets. The David Bowie doppleganger rocking his signature fire-red shag mullet has obviously won the mullet fanfare of Fashion Month, making it official: The cut is officially cool again.

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