The Perfect Jacket for Back-to-School Looks

The Perfect Jacket for Back-to-School Looks

A foreshadowed bell will soon echo the halls of educational institutions across the nation as summer’s recess makes its impending exit. We can almost hear the cries of students everywhere, but remember knowledge is power, kids and so is our ticket to pulling your best back-to-school fit. First and foremost, there are various stages and variables in which your back-to-school look can take including but not limited to age, grade level, school dress codes, and personal style.Back-to-school fas ...
Celine Dion Is My Eternal Shopping Inspiration

Celine Dion Is My Eternal Shopping Inspiration

Celine Dion's fashion reinvention with the help of image architect and stylist Law Roach has been one of my favorite things in fashion to witness! There is truly nothing better than seeing an icon like Celine Dion have fun with fashion, try crazy looks, and give inspiration.Are her looks for everyone to try? Absolutely not. But she has become my personal shopping inspiration because nothing is off limits. Not neon, not patent leather black pants, and not even a barbie pink suit with slippers
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The Art of Power Dressing

Elevate your 9-9 wardrobe with feminine tailoring and sharp separates. From sleek pantsuits to the best of this season's kitten heels, own boss lady style with our picks.
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Why We’re Coveting Jennifer Lawrence’s Vacation Style

Jennifer Lawrence has been the face of Dior for the past couple of years, and style-wise it has really helped her evolve into pulling off the 'less is more' aesthetic. While her red carpet style is usually very glamorous, it's nice to see her off-duty looks since she mixes so many high end accessories with approachable fashion pieces that we all wear like denim and wrap dresses. Take notes because her vacation style is super chic and easy to pull off for yourself.Scroll down to shop Jennifer
From Office to Happy Hour

From Office to Happy Hour

When that clock hits 5pm, it's time to shine for Happy Hour! As summer heats up though, those 90+ temperatures can make office dressing pretty tricky. Here are our top picks for work appropriate dresses that are flirty enough for Happy Hour. All under $150.
Crocs Stopped Making Crocs Because Ugly Shoes Are Stronger Than Ever

The Croc-Pocalypse Means Ugly Shoes Are Stronger Than Ever

Crocs gave ugly shoe fans a scare earlier this week, as it announced the closing the last of its manufacturing facilities. As this came just after the reports of second-quarter earnings, and alongside the news that the company’s Executive Vice President and CFO, Carrie Teffner, would be leaving next year, it makes sense that fans took to Twitter to share dread of the “croc-pocalypse.”Despite the brand’s statement, ("In connection with ongoing efforts to simplify the business and improve prof ...
Shop Constance Wu's Best Style Moments

Shop Constance Wu’s Best Style Moments

If you haven't already seen Crazy Rich Asians, you should because one of our favorite actresses, Constance Wu is in it and is stunning per usual. Her show Fresh Off The Boat on ABC continues to be one of the most talked about family shows on television, and it's nice to see her really translate all the glamour, fashion and excess from Crazy Rich Asians into her own fashion philosophies.She's definitely still in the stage of trying out different designers and figuring out what works for her, ...
Say Goodbye to Monday Blues With Clever Styling Tricks 1

Say Goodbye to Monday Blues With Clever Styling Tricks

The Sunday Scaries are real folks, but nothing brings you off your weekend high like the Monday Blues. The reality has finally set in that the work week has begun once again and all things weekend bliss have officially slipped away. A bit dramatic, yes, but the struggle is real. Rather than pine away for the next five days and mope around the office why not turn that frown upside down. It’s said if you want to change your attitude you should change the outlook of your environment, music, food, s ...
What's Your Fashion Bucket List?

What’s On Your Fashion Bucket List?

As we make frantic attempts to check off our summer bucket lists as the season's end draws nearer and nearer, conversation around the COOLS HQ has turned towards our fashion bucket list—that one, dream item (or multiple items for some) that we've fawned over, saved up pennies for, and silently resigned to one day buy. Carina, Account Manager The Chloe Faye bag has been my dream bag for a while. After a year at my first full time job, many hours of deliberation and test runs in store, I finally ...
Shop The KarJenner Sisters' Outfits From Kylie's 21st Birthday

Shop The KarJenner Sisters’ Outfits From Kylie’s 21st Birthday

Last night Kylie Jenner celebrated her 21st birthday and with all her family and friends there it was an event to see whether you're a fan of them or not. One thing I quickly noticed was their coordinating, not matchy-matchy outfits that were perfect inspiration for future birthday outfits when you really want to step out and make a statement.With Kylie wearing a pink satin matching set from Dundas, Kylie in all in Prada, Kourtney in slinky La Perla and Kim still continuing to wear neon Yeez
Take Athleisure to the Next Level With This On-Trend Look

Take Athleisure to the Next Level With This On-Trend Look

Athletic wear has circulated for decades from the 20th century of the 70s and most popularized during the 80s progressing from leisure to athletics, and what is known today as athleisure a happy medium between the two.The recent shift in athleisure has quickly ushered a newfound satisfaction for all things workout wear. No longer just for a pilates and vinyasa session before or after work but athleisure can be worn from the office to an after-hours recap, but why the latest infatuation with