The Classic Trench Reimagined 1

The Classic Trench Reimagined

Into the trenches! Sartorially speaking, the trench coat dates back to 1901, when the first World War commenced. Once known as the battle royale, the Allied and Central Powers went head-to-head covered in gabardine. Gabardine was one of the many wartime textiles created by Thomas Burberry, used to m
How to Dress When There's a Heat Wave 1

Every Fall Trend You Need to Know & How to Wear It

The season of crisp air and crunchy leaves is finally upon us. Gone are the days of endless humidity, surprise thunderstorms, and feeling too warm any time you slide on a pair of jeans. Instead, reacquaint yourself with trench coats, cozy sweaters, and sleek fall booties.Like pumpkin picking, Ha
Leandra Medine Collection X The Webster 10

Why I Want Everything From Leandra Medine’s New Shoe Brand

The audacious, eclectic, and eccentric founder of the online sensation Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, has blessed us with the launch of her re-branded shoe line. Medine launched her first shoe party in 2016, then-branded MR by Man Repeller. Now, the self-proclaimed “buffet dresser" has expanded her f ...
How to Refresh Your Rainy Day Look 1

How to Refresh Your Rainy Day Look

Rain, rain go away come again another day— This season’s NYFW promoted a slightly wetter occasion, as fashionistas and glamazons alike braved New York City’s showers of blessings. Many may look to this as raining on their parade as a slew of concerns begins to take heed, from hair catastrophes to sl ...
Jumpsuit Season 2

Jumpsuit Season

Jumpsuits are those hit or miss items in our wardrobes, you either knock it out the park or fail miserably looking like a grown child ready to be put to bed. The jumpsuit as we know it today was not always this glamours article of clothing, but synonymous with sports and workwear initially made as a
Transitional Classics 1

Transitional Classics

Timeless, by definition, represents being ageless, unaffecting by the past, present or future— eternal if you may. Fashion’s constant revolving door has pushed us into an excess or excess state of mind, where trends and fads overrule the classics. Unlike these niche fads that reach their peak and th ...
I'm Obsessed With Olivia Palermo's Purple and Plaid Look 3

I’m Obsessed With Olivia Palermo’s Purple and Plaid Look

It's not fashion week unless we get some covetable looks from street style star and influencer Olivia Palermo. What I love so much about her style is that is always has a hint of something unexpected--even if she's wearing something very romantic and feminine, she'll add a dark lip color or an undon
My Designer Chair 10

My Designer Chair

Simplicity: the essence of directness. Where design is restrained, attitude takes over. One studio, one chair, one girl. Here, style and stance speak volumes.
The Best Shoes To Transition From Summer To Fall 1

The Best Shoes To Transition From Summer To Fall

While I personally suggest holding out as long as you can and wearing all your cute strappy sandals you bought over the summer until the very last minute, the temperatures are definitely getting cooler and cooler each day so you may need some more responsible closed-toe options. And while it's too e
The Under $100 Chicest Rain Proof Items To Buy

The Under $100 Chicest Rain Proof Items To Buy

Keeping dry while looking good is a lot harder than it sounds—especially at times like these since I’ve been running around at NYFW shows and have even had to stand and watch outdoor shows in the pouring rain. ...