Looks Like Even Fenty Did A Take On The Dress Of The Season

Designer taking inspiration from their peers is a tale as old as time, unfortunately, as made evident a thousand-fold by call-out culture, so is ripping each other off. We expect it from fast-fashion, but we might not have anticipated it from Fenty.


The advantage of influencer-promoted fashion is that it’s busted the door wide open for independent brands to be seen. The likes of Daisy and Oresund Iris may never have experienced such success at the velocity they did were it not for the endorsement of the many beautiful, popular women that have worn their designs. But there’s also a downside: With visibility comes a number of copycats that are producing the style for a much, much lower price.


Looks Like Even Fenty Did a Take On The Dress Of The Season 2


For the launch of her second Fenty capsule under LMVH, Rihanna wore a fuchsia mini dress in the streets of New York. It was objectively beautiful, and she looked beautiful in it, but we’ve seen it before. Many times, in fact. You can buy the same dress, in many different colors, from many different outlets.


You know the one: Debuted for the first time (that we know of) by John Galliano for Dior in the early-’90s (with variations also presented by Calvin Klein), updated by New York-based, fashion-girl favorite brand Oresund Iris in 2018, and adapted for purchase by everyone. Yes, even Fenty. It’s the cow-neck, spaghetti strap, satin slip dress with, most notably, drawstring seams to adjust the hem.


Just one day later, model-activist-designer extraordinaire Emily Ratajkowski launched a capsule of her own. Today marked the release of EMRATA x Nasty Gal and, amid the halter tops and co-ords was a very familiar style: a cow-neck, spaghetti strap, satin slip dress with, most notably, drawstring seams to adjust the hem. This style is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the dress of the season.


In its honor, we have rounded up a few other the spaghetti strap, satin slip dresses with drawstring seams to adjust the hem that you, yourself, can purchase for the summer. Go on, everyone else is apparently doing it.



Drawstring plain mini satin dress


Oresund Iris

Drawstring Dress



EMRATA x Nasty Gal

The Ruche-ure Is Ours Satin Mini Dress



Khaki Drawstring Side Open Back Mini Dress


Cinq a Sept

Astrid Dress


Fashion Nova

Come Pull My Strings Mini Dress



Ruched Drawstring Dress





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