Fitness Experts Share the Secret to Staying Healthy On Your Schedule

Finding the time to workout can be a challenge in itself, and now with summer approaching, the days are getting longer and the city impossibly busier, so its getting even harder to keep yourself in check from chronic fear of missing out. We lead busy lives, there’s no doubt about it. But as I’ve learned from some of the experts, there are ways we can all improve our health without impeding on our day-to-day schedule.

We’re all on a fitness journey, whether we know it or not. So I reached out to 10 of the top personal trainers in the New York City to learn little habits we should all change to stay healthy.

Stop setting unrealistic expectations

We overestimate what we can do in a day, and underestimate what we can do in a year. 

“The I’m going to workout twice a day, or cut carbs and sugar for a monthcreates an all or nothing approach. The less stress you put on yourself, the more likely you’ll be to implement and start accomplishing your goals!’

Eric Rakofsky, NYC Coach, works in association with Performix House

Stop going to bed so late

“Take your sleep seriously, its the recipe for increased focus the following day. Your day is as successful as it starts and a full nights sleep sets you up for success!”

Eddison Brown, Strength Coach for S10

Stop doing a million high intensity workouts in a day

“I see people do 3 HIIT workouts in a row, and it defeats the point of high intensity training which should be short and intense- and not everyday!  Your body can’t handle it all.  Move during the day, all day, but not so much that you are gassed!”

Alex Silverfagan, creator of Flow into Strong and Nike Master Trainer

Stop showing up late to workouts

“Its important to prioritize and respect the time you carve out for yourself!  Treating your workouts like you would any other meeting, as well as respecting the time of those aiding in your fitness journey, ie trainer, nutritionist or even workout partners

Patrick Frost, Nike Master Trainer and Barrys Bootcamp instructor

Stop believing that fat makes you fat

“One of the most important things to having a healthy weight is managing your blood sugar levels.  Fat is one of the best components in helping you slow down digestion and helps stabilize your blood sugar throughout the day.  Without enough fat your energy levels fluctuate and thats when you get cravings.’

Albert Matheny, MS, RD, CSCS,  nutritional advisor to Promix Nutrition and co-founder of SoHo Strength Lab

Stop using your “cheat meals” as an excuse to eat garbage

“If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off, then its time for you to adopt a new way of eating instead of a momentary ‘diet’.  I continually see people turn whats supposed to be a single meal of moderate indulgence into an entire day of binge eating pizza and pancakes.  Maintaining a healthy body composition is about consistency and moderation.  Stick to a ‘cheat meal’ that supports your goals and seek quality over quantity, always!”

Chelsea Aguiar, Founder of Athaya fitness and Performance coach for Performix House

Stop marrying yourself to one exercise

“Not all exercises work for everyone’s anatomy.  I explain to my clients that one of the luxuries of working one on one with a coach is the benefit of having an individualized program tailored specifically for their needs.”

Troy Brooks, fitness coach with SohoHouse, strength coach for Liftonic NYC

Stop thinking you stretching will only take seconds

“Thirty seconds is not long enough to override your brains neurological preset, you need two minutes.  You spend the day creating certain movement patterns, you need to take the time to retrain your body to move fully”

Sarah Otey, Creator of Moga and Barrys Bootcamp instructor

Stop swinging through your reps

“Such as the bicep curl.  Your muscles respond to time under tension and thats how you break them down in order to build them up.  So instead of swinging with momentum to get into each rep, slow it down so you can actually use strength to muscle the weight, even if it means going lighter with the weight”

Roxie Jones, Soul Cycle instructor and Head Coach at ToneHouse

Stop concentrating on the negatives within your workouts/training

“Positive attitude, body language and confidence lead you towards turning those negative insecurities into growth and strengths!”

Jason Robert, Athlete and Barrys Bootcamp Instructor NYC

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