Called AVANTgarden, the singer says it’s a “way for me to express myself without any rules”

FKA twigs can now add publisher to her list of creative credentials. The musician launched an Instagram-only zine on October 13 called AVANTgarden dedicated to braided hairstyles. The zine, which focuses on the work of hairstylist Rio Sreedharan, is the first issue in an apparent series, The Verge reports.

In an interview with Dazed, FKA twigs said, “I’ve struggled to feel comfortable on social media, as I’m a very private person and I find it hard to share the things I’m doing on an everyday level. It feels so intrusive and weird to me. But, if it’s something I can put creativity into and I can have a certain amount of imagination and control around it, it makes me feel much more comfortable.”

The zine makes use of Instagram’s carousel feature to create a ten-page magazine that features the imagery of black barbershops. Texts accompany some of the images, such as one slide that reads, “They locked her in a cage full of wolves. Poor wolves.” FKA twigs also promoted the zine on Twitter by asking the question “How do braids make you feel?”

Responses ranged from “Connected to my mother who used to braid my hair and taught me how to do it myself,” to “Like I’m wearing a story…About the perseverance of a whole people.”

We’re stoked to see the next zine in the series, and with more than 800 million monthly users, as The Verge noted, Instagram is getting a lot more eyeballs than print magazines.

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