A few years back, it was all about blonde ombré tresses. Then, people couldn’t stop coloring their hair with pastel dyes. Now, it’s pixelated flamingo hair that’s taking over heads on social media.

As Allure reports, flamingo hair was created at X-presion Creativos, a research and development studio for hairstylists in Madrid.

The colorful hairstyle went viral on Instagram after a student named Cristina Vigna added carefully placed streaks of magenta, yellow, and orange through a model’s black, shiny hair.

At first glance, the flamingo isn’t very obvious. This is because the designs are “hidden” in the client’s hair using a pixel technique developed at the studio.

“It’s not drawn on the surface,” said Jorge Cáncer, co-founder of X-presion Creativos. “It’s an architectural work studying the placement of the pixel in every layer.”

While the look probably isn’t the most practical hairstyle out there, it’s certainly one that people are excited to try on their strands.

UNREAL,” wrote haircare company Biolage.

Others pointed out that the “hidden” aspect might make the hair color look strange from the back.

lol right? You’d have to give your client that girl to hold your hair at the right angle everywhere you go 😝,” commented one skeptical onlooker. 

But the hairstyle is no easy feat. As Vigna explains, it requires a ton of time, patience, and technique to achieve the pixelated look.

I started by studying the patterns that I learned in Madrid and drew them on graph paper. The starting point had been very difficult, I had many sleepless nights and my mind melted because I could not figure out the flamingo pattern,” she said.

It looks like her hard work has finally paid off, though. People all over social media are in awe of the innovative dye job and it sure beats a boring balayage.

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