How To Wear (Groundbreaking) Florals This Fall

Florals tend to get pigeonholed into the warmer months. But just because the air gets chillier, that doesn’t mean we have to tuck away our favorite herbaceous patterns. Whether you’re a pattern-phile or a fan of the minimalist trend, florals can find a way to creep into your year-round wardrobe — it just takes a little more effort in terms of styling.


Where did these floral pieces bloom from, anyway? Well, florals have basically been a fashion inspiration ever since the invention of clothing itself. It’s one of the oldest designs to ever grace the Earth, with fashionable florals being traced back to Ancient Japanese kimonos. They implemented chrysanthemums into their kimono designs for their slim, elongated petals that looked reminiscent of sun rays. From then on, this flower not only became a staple in ancient fashion but a symbol of the sun and natural beauty itself.


One of the most iconic pieces of modern floral-patterned clothing is undoubtedly Diane Von Furstenberg’s wrap dress. Ever since it debuted in 1974, the wrap dress became an instant hit with women everywhere. It came in tons of patterns and designs, but the true crown jewel of the DVF wrap dresses was (and still is) the floral design. This sublime pattern paired with the playful flow of the wrap dress excelled spring style in a way no one ever had before, which is why this dress is still a signature classic to the fashion house.


Let’s fast forward: today there’s a whole array of floral dresses can be spotted in just about every boutique shop and department store. Roses, tulips, and carnations alike have been plastered all over dresses, tops, even jeans and shoes. It’s a contagious pattern that has been thriving for centuries, and we’re certain that there is a femme floral pattern out there for every person’s style.


These fall staples are effortlessly cool, and seamlessly stitch the classic floral designs of yesteryear with the most contemporary looks on the scene, serving you the best of both worlds. So, stay fresh in the fall season by revamping your autumn lookbook and grabbing these stunning floral essentials.


Trying to warm up in the colder temps? Then check out these floral dresses.




Fall Floral Is The Best Floral 2


The fall season is the perfect time to introduce your favorite knit pieces — and your floral dresses are no exception. 



Floral sweater dress



Jacquard Floral Sleeveless A-Line Sweater Dress – Black – Size XS



Coquette Knit Floral Sweater Dress



Floral-Jacquard A-line Sweater Dress




Dark and Blooming 

Fall Floral Is The Best Floral 1


A dark dress with florals is an easy way to keep your wardrobe muted for the new season. Plus, they look great with black tights. 


Lace-yoke floral dress



Floral dress



Floral midi dress



Floral Puff-Sleeve A-Line Dress




Longsleeve Wonders: 

Fall Floral Is The Best Floral

This one’s pretty obvious, but here’s a little reminder: long sleeve floral dresses are a seasonal treasure. 



Longsleeve Ruffle Floral Print Wrap Dress L



Marocaine Floral Print Silk Dress – Womens – Yellow Print



floral maxi dress – Multi



Floral silk maxi dress





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