When you think of warmer, sunnier days, there’s always one pattern that comes to mind: floral. Whether you’re pro-flower or a confessed Miranda Priestly, you can’t deny that floral dresses are the undying trend of the warmer months (and the colder ones too, TBH). This herbaceous pattern always has a way to give off a fresh and inviting air, and always seems to find its place in every girl’s closet. Even if you’re a black-on-black style addict, we guarantee you have at least one floral piece lingering in your closet.

Where did these floral dresses bloom from, anyways? Well, florals have basically been a fashion inspiration ever since the invention of clothing itself. It’s one of the oldest designs to ever grace the Earth, with fashionable florals being traced back to Ancient Japanese kimonos. They implemented chrysanthemums into their kimono designs for their slim, elongated petals that looked reminiscent of sun rays. From then on, this flower not only became a staple in ancient fashion, but a symbol of the sun and natural beauty itself.

One of the most iconic pieces of modern floral-patterned clothing is undoubtedly Diane Von Furstenberg’s wrap dress. Ever since it debuted in 1974, the wrap dress became an instant hit with women everywhere. It came in tons of patterns and designs, but the true crown jewel of the DVF wrap dresses was (and still is) the floral design. This sublime pattern paired with the playful flow of the wrap dress excelled spring style in a way no one ever had before, which is why this dress is still a signature classic to the fashion house.

Let’s fast forward: nowadays, there’s a whole array of floral dresses can be spotted in just about every boutique shop and department store. Roses, tulips, and carnations alike have been plastered all over dresses, tops, even jeans and shoes. It’s a contagious pattern that has been thriving for centuries, and we’re certain that there is a femme floral pattern out there for every woman’s style.

But, we do have to admit that floral dresses need a bit of a refresh. This centuries-old style is just begging for a modern twist, which is why this summer, we’re making our style blossom with these unique floral items. While we’re fans of the floral-plastered tops and bottoms, we’re definitely not for sweating all day in skin-tight jeans decked with roses. So, we’re ditching the pants and going straight for our flowiest dresses, rompers, and wraps.  

These summer staples are effortlessly cool, and seamlessly stitch the classic floral dresses of yesteryear with the most contemporary looks on the scene to give you the best of both worlds. They’re so much more than your average floral design; they’re true works of art that will make you feel more ethereal than stepping into a botanical garden. So, what are you waiting for? Revamp your summer lookbook by grabbing these stunning floral pieces.

Trying to get summertime fine? Then check out these summer floral dresses, rompers, and wraps.

Sheer & Tiered

Trying to stay breezy with your summer florals? Then this dress from Vivetta is all you need to stay in check. This is the exact opposite of the classic and simple little black dress: its black color is heightened by a bohemian floral pattern, with a delicate sheer material that gives us all of the wonderlust vibes. The off-the-shoulder cut and tiered skirt takes this floral maxi dress to a whole new level of contemporary style.

It’s the ultimate summer dress for its contemporary feel with a timelessly vintage approach.



Sulaphat Tiered Floral Dress

925$ $352

Crochet Babe

Crochet details are always a popular choice in the summer, which is why Topshop morphed two signature summer designs into one retro-inspired floral romper. This romper has a soft air to it with its delicate flower pattern, which stays captivating to the eye. The floral design is only heightened more by the stark contrast between the white backdrop of the romper and its tortoise shell brown buttons. The subtle crochet pattern that travels down along the romper to give it a flowing, femme appeal.

It’s the perfect romper to wear to any summer daytime event.


Ditsy Crochet Romper - Ivory


Flower Bomb

This Carine Gilson kimono is all you need to chill poolside in style. The teal color is as bright and blue as the ocean, and gives us extreme maritime cravings. The bright floral design is sparsely dispersed on this flowing kimono, giving it an invigorating air that just looks and feels luxurious. The contrast of the block beige hemming only compliments this robe’s design more, making it the ultimate staple piece for summertime relaxation.

Wear this by the pool or the beach as an eye catching wrap, or even wear it at home to live out your inner dreams of being a glamorous Upper East Side housewife.


Floral Silk Kimono


Tied Up

This sheer floral romper from Barneys New York is as comfortable as it is contemporary. This floral romper has just a pop of attitude that gives it a unique, slightly punk edge that still stays feminine and soft. The long sleeves make it the perfect romper for those brisk summertime nights, and it has a cool Americana vibe from the bold buttons, high ruffled neckline, and the tassel-tipped necktie.

It’s playful, multi-faceted style makes this a summertime piece that will stick with us throughout the warmer months to come.


Floral Long-Sleeve Romper


The Silk Slip

Give the silk slip dress a makeover with some floral patterns. This vibrant floral slip dress from R13 is incorporated with a vast array of colorful flowers on a navy blue background, taking inspiration from the diversity of America. Its loose fit makes this slip dress breathable and airy, yet still stay posh enough for even the most exclusive of NYC nightclubs.

This dress is all you need to excel in your summertime style for its fun and flirty approach.


Floral Silk Charmeuse Slipdress


Gypsy Goddess

When looking at this vintage-inspired floral dress from Warm, we can only think of one person: queen of all gypsy goddesses, Stevie Nicks. This flowing burgundy dress has the look and feel of your favorite tapestry turned into haute couture, and wearing this will let your innermost free spirit soar through the summer. The plunging ruffled neckline gives this dress a cheeky flirtatious mood, transforming your into a bold and beautiful flower child.

So, bring back the summer of love by wandering around Soho in this vibracious dress.


Stevie Floral Dress


Bold Content

If you haven’t noticed, Virgil Abloh and his brand, Off-White, are having a major moment right now, which is why we’re totally down on investing in this floral-patterned robe. This robe is so striking because it is everything Off-White is known for steering away from: bold, loud floral prints, striking lace hemming, and an in-your-face attitude.

The brand seems to finally be drifting from its usual minimalistic attitude, and we’re excited to see what other fluorescent florals and other breathtaking styles they craft up next.


Floral Robe

2,050$ $1,230

Mini Moment

If you’re a shorter girl like myself, then you probably know the struggle of maxi dresses. They’re always dragging over our feet, making us trip everywhere we go, and investing in hemming and resizing a whole stockpile of maxis can add up. That’s why I’m reach for this mini wrap dress from Attico. Its style gives this dress a 1970’s DVF vibe, but drifts away from the classic wrap dress through its mini dress length.

The bright florals scream summer, and the short length gives this iconic piece the modern refresher it was craving.


Floral Robe Dress

985$ $424

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