French Connection Is FCUK-ing Back

In the 00s, a slogan t-shirt could communicate everything: your bank account balance, your relationship status, your personality…but there was no cheekier design than that introduced by Britain’s French Connection, whose acronym-emblazoned products became the ultimate industry in-joke instantly propelling it among the era’s cult classics.


And now, it’s back from retirement and aligning with every cool kid’s fast fashion favorite: Urban Outfitters. While there aren’t as many ‘FCUK fashion’ and ‘I’d FCUK me’s as past collections, there are a range of unisex sweatshirts, crop top, and t-shirts with versions of the iconic logo. The ‘FCUK negativity’ addition, however, does seem specifically catered for the insta-gen.


French Connection is FCUK-ing back 1


“When FCUK launched in the ‘90s, it pushed boundaries and was wildly popular with a youth that celebrated individuality and self- expression,” said French Connection founder and chairman Stephen Marks of the collection. “The timing is right to bring this back and introduce it to a new generation that shares this attitude and energy…They are edgy and fiercely unique. “


The capsule will hit Urban Outfitters stores Monday, ranging from $39.00 to $129.00 in  price. Get ready to revolutionize your wardrobe with some great FCUK-ing staples.


French Connection is FCUK-ing back 2

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