Why Your Man Is About To Look Like Zayn

Since 2015, when The New York Times (and subsequently Vox) legitimized the man bun, long hair has been a (if not the) de facto hairstyle for “hip” guys in the know. But in 2018, and soon to be 2019, the man bun has seemingly lost its luster. And the new cut that guys are feverishly Googling and printing out to show their barbers is, according to the 100 Pinterest trends of 2019 study, the “French Crop Haircut.” If your initial reaction is, like mine, a strained and dubious “WHAT?,” allow me to present…the crop:


Why Your Man Is About To Look Like Zayn

Photo: Desiree Navarro / Getty


Long on top, razor-sharp fade on the sides and back…yes, it looks just like Zayn Malik’s hair! And, apparently guys are really into it. According to Pinterest’s study, user searches for the “French Crop Haircut” increased 84% this year, which Pinterest predicts will continue on into the New Year. Other trends for men include light-wash denim, one-shoulder sling bags, and vintage watches.


Forget “The Rachel.” Is pop culture’s most iconic cut about to become “The Zayn?”

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