Want Better Hair? Start With Your Shampoo

Fact: Life is more fun when it is tailored to your preferences. Seriously, is there anything more euphoric than knowing that you’re the sole owner of a singular item in this world, and it was crafted just for you? I think not.


We’re not saying to go out and buy a customized sports car (but if you can afford it, more power to you), because there’s one way you can treat yourself without shelling out all of your hard-earned cash: your shampoo.


Hair obsessives around the globe, rejoice: Now you can treat and tame your locks to your needs without the trek to the pricey luxury hair salon, all thanks to Function of Beauty. Whether you’re dealing with grease-slicked strands or frizz for days (or both, like me), each formula crafted from the Function of Beauty labs is uniquely crafted to target your personal concerns.


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“Traditional beauty companies don’t have the ability to target each person as an individual and therefore, they create products that, though at first glance appear to address your individual concerns, are actually quite generic and only serve one particular need or category—like split ends or an oily scalp,” says Function of Beauty founders Zahir Dossa, Hien Nguyen, and Joshua Maciejewski. “The problem with that is that we’re not all the same. Everyone has their own unique hair type, goals, and preferences and these things are always changing. By customizing our products to fit each individual’s specific goals and needs, we’re able to create products that specifically address all of their hair goals, not just one.”


A customized duo for healthier, happier hair? Seems legit on paper, but to really test out the power of personalization, I decided to give this shampoo-conditioner duo a whirl for myself. But, before I could get my hands on them, I had to take the customization quiz to create the perfect formula for my mane.


When they say this product is tailored for you and solely you, they truly mean it: the quiz asks just about everything from your hair type and concerns to your preferred fragrance and color. Because I have an aesthetic to uphold, I chose to go black with my shampoo and the dye-free white for my conditioner—sleek and chic, just how I like it.


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So, they look cute, but do they really work? Short answer: absolutely. The minute I lathered my hair with this shampoo, I could feel my oil-covered locks becoming cleaner, without feeling too stripped away of its natural oils. The conditioner gave my hair a much-needed hydration boost, while leaving a slight tingle in my scalp to target all of the grease and build-up lying around—pretty impressive for a few pumps of conditioner. Plus, they smelled like peaches, and who doesn’t like the smell of peaches?


To top off my fully customized hair care experience, I hopped out of the shower and slathered on the Function of Beauty’s leave-in conditioner — also crafted to your needs, in case you were wondering—to give my hair some extra TLC while smoothing out any unwanted frizz. Lo and behold, my hair transformation was complete, and I was impressed: my usually-brittle hair felt smooth and soft, my awkwardly wavy tresses were pin-straight without the need of a straightener, and not a single strand of frizz or flyaways could be spotted.


The lesson: Customization is clearly the key to softer, smoother hair. If you want to upgrade your routine, start by taking the Function of Beauty quiz (and you’ll get 10% off your first formula!). Your hair will thank you for it.

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