Showtime! A Victoria’s Secret Facialist’s Skincare Tips

In the super serious world of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show happenings, facialist to the stars Georgia Louise has shared her three tips for glowing skin. You might be asking: how can you be thinking about something as frivolous as skincare at a time like this? The United States midterm elections are today, after all. But, that’s exactly it! How can you neglect your skin at a time like this, really? If you’re still here, great, onto Louise’s steps to supermodel skin.


Step 1: Step back from the scrubs

With only 3 days before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York, Georgia Louise recommends ditching your exfoliants and “load[ing] up on vitamin c and hyaluronic serum.” Can do! I don’t really exfoliate that much anyway. And love serums.


Step 2: Georgia Louise says get a massage

The key here, says Louise, is to “massage your skin every night for ten minutes,” but make sure you work “inwards and outwards starting from [the] forehead down to [the] neck.” This should, in theory, help to “re-sculpt” and “depuff” the face.


Step 3: Hydrate! And other diet-related stuff

“Drink half your body weight in water for three days,” says Louise, which should be no problem for VS angel Bella Hadid, who keeps a fridge stocked with myriad beverages. Louise also recommends popping an Omega fatty acid-rich supplement and avoiding any excess salt or sugar, because, health is wealth, as they say.

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