Would You Get Married In A Swimsuit?

DUH! That’s my answer to the above question. I am in fairly good company here when it comes to admirable, hot women who have committed themselves to another person—presumably for life, but at least for a few years—wearing a swimsuit. Kristen Stewart, according to WWD, “raved” about Chanel’s bride at Couture Fashion Week; the French fashion house sent a model down the runway in a sparkly bathing suit with waist cutouts and a bejeweled swimmer’s cap-cum-train.


“Imagine getting married in that, it is the most baller move. That is a real power move; you’re stating your stance right off the bat: This is the woman who you’re marrying, just so you know,” Stewart said about the bridal swimsuit. K. Stew is totally right—getting hitched in a one-piece or bikini, conversely to what you may think, shows that you mean business. Convention and what your family thinks is appropriate has flown out the window—or as Stewart says, “This is the woman who you’re marrying, just so you know.”


Would You Get Married In a Swimsuit? 1

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Image via Getty

Other pop culture queens who have worn swimsuits: Pam Anderson, for starters, got married wearing a white string bikini to Kid Rock in St. Tropez. Though the 2006 nuptials turned out not to be a “legal union,” who really cares? Anderson was, for all intents and purposes, a BRIDE that day, bikini and body chain and all.


While my light sleuthing hasn’t turned up any other celebrities who’ve married in swimwear, the closest I’ve found is Nev Schulman’s wife Laura Perlongo, who didn’t get married in a swimsuit but did have two bridal bikinis for their East Hampton reception.


It was particularly fun to see Chanel get a bit racy considering the fashion label—while typically always compelling and magnificent—usually caters to the rich Upper East Side mom. Still, I would make a strong case for getting married in a swimsuit so you can look back at your wedding photos decades later and think, “Wow, I really had it like that.”


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