Givenchy Is Searching For Its Next Fashion ASMR Star

I remember when ASMR was a very niche, bizarre-sounding internet community that a friend told me about consisting of a handful of videos, Reddit threads, and a single Vice article. Five years later, it’s become a household name—at least in the way that’s it something your parents might vaguely know about from, say, Jimmy Kimmel. Now, ASMR—otherwise known as that tingly feeling you get in the back of your neck when you listen to someone whispering into a microphone—is now becoming high fashion.


Givenchy is searching for its next ASMR star with a new contest launching today, “The Voice Over Challenge”. The chosen person will be the voice of the next Givenchy campaign and be posted on their social media channels. It seems to be a follow-up to their fetishistic and soothing I Am Your Mirror campaign, directed by Steven Meisel, where models seductively ate apples and bananas and caressed eggs, while a voice gave commands like, “It’s a glove, bitch, put it on!”


If you’ve ever fallen asleep to a YouTube ASMR playlist and thought, “Wait a minute, I could do this, people have never complained about the sound of my voice, per se” this contest is for you. You have until April 7 at 11:59pm CET to visit and record your best honeyed radio voice.

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