Glossier’s Latest Drop Will Step Up Your Brow Game

If there’s one thing Glossier has become know for, it’s their best-selling eyebrow gel, Boy Brow. The pomade was basically a foolproof hack for replicating Cara Delevingne’s fluffed brows, making it a must-have from inception. But, the beloved millennial-pink-coated brand wants you to take things one step further thanks to their new brow-enhancing product.


World, I present to you the Brow Flick,  a slender eyebrow pen that’s meant to reupholster your brows to perfection. It has slim pen tip to create the finest of faux hairs and is meant to work hand-in-hand with your favorite tube of Boy Brow to create a soft, plush look only achievable through actual transplants or hours of FaceTune.


But, talk is cheap, so we decided to put this brow-defining pen to the test. Below, four of our editors test out the Brow Flick for themselves to see if it truly makes magic.


Jennifer Hussein, Beauty Editor

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“I’m at an endless, anxiety-induced tug-of-war with my eyebrows, so I’m in desperate need of anything that will fill in my vast amount of bald patches. But, many of the brow products out there either do little-to-nothing, or leave me with the dreaded ‘Sharpie brow’ look. This pen hits that perfect sweet spot: Its black shade is pigmented enough to fill in those sparse areas, without becoming too intense. This is definitely on my ‘beauty editor-approved’ list.”


Beatrice Hazlehurst, Deputy News Editor

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“I am a big eyebrow-ignorer—while I do tint, I don’t pluck or wax them, and my daily routine consists of a swipe with a drugstore brow gel. This might change that. My brows are generally quite strong, so I don’t need to make them thicker, but this can really come in handy when it comes to shaping and defining without tweezers. It’s highly-recommend, and maybe enough to convince me to stop being lazy.”


Callia Hargrove, Social Media Director

“I love how lightweight Brow Flick is. I have really thick brows that are sparse in certain areas, and this fills them in without giving me something super intense. I don’t know if this will replace my beloved brow pencil, but it’s a nice sub in for days I don’t have the energy to go through drawing them all the way in.”


Alix Gutierrez, Associate Art Director

“I quite like Brow Flick. It’s super subtle and light and blends into my face. I’m not adverse to IG-thot eyebrows, but I feel like this is the perfect alternative for people who are into disappearing.”



Brow Flick



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