Meet Bubblewrap: Glossier’s Latest Skincare Essential

We all know the iconic Glossier pink pouch in all of its bubble-wrapped glory: it’s cute; it’s nostalgic; and it’s slightly controversial due to its environmental impact (don’t worry, Glossier is working on that). But, have you ever looked at your Glossier pouch and thought “Damn, why can’t my skin glisten and bounce like that?” Well, apparently enough people have been asking for just that, because the beauty company has released its latest product: Bubblewrap, a two-in-one lip and eye cream that’s bringing the buoyancy back to your complexion.


Lips feeling a bit chapped? Slather on a pump of Bubblewrap. Eyes seem a little puffy? Grab some Bubblewrap. This multi-use skin savior is meant to hydrate the most delicate areas of your face and keep your skin youthful and quenched without any irritation. Based on the “industry hack” of using eye cream as a prep tool for your lips, Bubblewrap is meant to give your skin the same protection and bounce as, well, just that.


Meet Bubblewrap: Glossier’s Latest Skincare Essential



Lucky for me, I was one of the few souls that got their hands on this product a week early, so I decided to swap out my usual eye cream (the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème) for this newbie. And so far, I don’t have any complaints—a very rare occurrence, especially considering I’ve been extremely cautious with Glossier products since the Cloud Paint left me with a few blackheads. Fortunately, no pores were clogged this time around; in fact, they felt better than before. The formula is lightweight, so it doesn’t leave the greasy feel of other eye creams, and it absorbs pretty quickly into the skin. Also, it didn’t mess with my concealer, which is a major plus.


As for my lips, they were going through a pretty intense dry spell before I started using Bubblewrap. I swear this cream resurrected them—my lips feel smoother and plumper, which means a lot to a gal with razor-thin lips. It’s now a staple of my nighttime routine, and I pair it with my AMOREPACIFIC Dual Nourishing Lip Serum to keep my lips flake-free and in tact.


My verdict: This cream is 100% worth the (budget-friendly) price tag. The formula is pretty impressive, and it’s all thanks to the combination of skincare heroes like hyaluronic acids, squalene, and avocado oil. Plus, its versatility helps whittle down your skincare routine, and with summer around the corner, who wouldn’t want that?



Bubblewrap Eye + Lip Cream




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