What 6 Women Had to Say About Glossier’s New Lipstick Formula

Glossier is on a roll. The brand’s flagship store just opened in New York, complete with a “boy brow room” and a spiral staircase that makes it look like the millennial pink version of the Vatican. This week, Glossier also relaunched Generation G, a sheer matte lipstick that’s supposed to give wearers that “just-blotted”, Brigitte Bardot je ne sais quoi. The lipstick comes in six different shades and, the brand claims, will “adapt to you” and your pout.


After surveying our office, the chief complaint with the old Generation G seemed to be that it was too dry, and thus, cake-y. Not exactly a good look for those trying to amp up the sex appeal. So, here to put Glossier’s claims to the test are the women of Cools. They tried the new lipsticks and are ready to spill the tea on the brand’s latest launch.


What 5 Women Had to Say About Glossier's New Lipstick Formula 5

Courtesy of Glossier



Samanta Quezada, 23, Digital Marketing Intern


“I tried ‘Like’, it’s a light pink shade. The new formula definitely feels a lot smoother than the older one. I also love the new packaging. I think it feels a lot sleeker and it’s just better quality overall. The old one that I had broke (the packaging and the actual formula itself) so looking forward to this!! thnxxx”


Heartleigh Little, 26, Editorial Director


“I tried ‘Zip.’ It’s a bright red. It looks a lot better than the original – sturdier – in terms of packaging, but the actual application is the same. Goes on dry and really really faint, even tho I love the color!!! Can’t speak quite yet to how it wears with time.”


Alix Gutiérrez, 25, Social Media Editor


“The packaging is significantly more attractive, especially when compared next to the old tube. Looks more expensive. It’s maybe a little more hydrating than the original, but I had to swipe about 5 times to get any color to really show with ‘Like’. ‘Leo’ came on more smoothly and it took less swipes to get pigment. I think ‘Like’ was too close to my actual lip color for it to work.”


Kelly Henderson, 24, Marketing Associate


“I tend to stick to a simpler, natural look when it comes to makeup. The ‘Crush’ shade is a great for that because with one swipe it accentuates a more natural color lip (it’s pink-ish) but adding a few more swipes also brings out a more vibrant stain. For me, it’s just enough. But I think their swipe system is a pretty cool idea because it let’s the person have more control over how much they want the color of their choice to pop—whether it be super subtle or super vibrant.”


Jennifer Hussein, 23, SEO Editor


“I used ‘Jam’! In terms of looks, it got a much-needed upgrade, and it’s a major plus that it has more product. Unlike the original, the new formula lets my lips breathe and feels more lightweight. But, I’d definitely take the ‘less is more’ approach when applying it—a few light swipes leaves a subtle plum tint, but packing it on creates a patchy look. I’d probably wear this on days when I’m going for the ‘no makeup’-makeup look.”


Marie-Laure Dumon, 28, Head of Merchandising


“I tried ‘Cake,’ the shade is darker than I thought.. I’ve never tried the first version of Generation G so I can’t compare but I really like the texture on my lips. Just wish it was a little more nourishing.”


What 5 Women Had to Say About Glossier's New Lipstick Formula 4

Courtesy of Glossier

Generation G lipsticks, $18 each at Glossier


There you have it. At $18 each, the investment is relatively low-stakes, in case you’re still questioning your decision to take the plunge. Or, stop by the new Glossier Flagship at 123 Lafayette St. to try on the new Generation G for yourself.

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