The brand launched its first fragrance, and it’s very YOU

What does a millennial smell like? “Skin-like,” first off, accompanied by base notes of ambrette (a warm musk) and ambrox (a smooth base note made famous by Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue). These are the notes, along with pink pepper and iris root, that comprise Glossier’s first fragrance, Glossier You.

After months of teasing the fragrance on social media, Emily Weiss introduced Glossier You this morning. She starts by describing her perfume journey, from Clinique’s Happy (high school) to Le Labo Rose 31 in her 20s to…now. “All those memories and smells, I like to think, have led me to this place — this day where I get to introduce the world to Glossier’s first fragrance, Glossier You,” Weiss writes.

She describes a fascination she and Glossier had with creating a fragrance that smells comfortable and natural, like “how the neck of your sweater feels after you’ve worn it all day.” The perfume bottle is (what else?) millennial pink and created by designer Laura Yeh. The bottle is subtle and sort-of sensually natural, much like it seems, the fragrance itself.

“I don’t want to be taken to the Swiss Alps or the white sand beaches of Tahiti just by smelling this,” says Weiss. “I’ve been craving something that whispers instead of shouts. And that’s what You is.”

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