Glossier’s Latest Launch Is The Secret To Clean Skin

Glossier is, unsurprisingly, continuing its reign as the most beloved millennial cosmetics brand. After announcing shade range expansions of all of its complexion products, the company’s portfolio has now grown one product larger with its latest product: Milky Oil.
Glossier’s Latest Launch Is The Secret To Clean Skin 1

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Milky Oil, though the name may throw you off, is meant to be a “perfectly-proportioned” hybrid mixture of French-girl favorite micellar water and K-Beauty staple cleansing oil. When combined, the two work together to dissolve the toughest of waterproof makeup. Once applied, the concoction creates a “milky” lather and gently removes any stubborn dirt, gime, and makeup lingering on your skin.


At first glance, a micellar makeup remover isn’t that revolutionary: Hasn’t Bioderma, Garnier, and a lengthy list of other skincare brands done this years ago? But, Glossier’s formula isn’t meant to create something entirely new—it’s meant to make the classics better. The formula is meant to whisk away the toughest of mascaras with a few gentle swipes, unlike other products that leave you rubbing endlessly. It’s also fueled with predecessor Milky Jelly Cleanser’s hero ingredients: comfrey root extract and pro-vitamin B5, all meant to soothe and cleanse without leaving a tight and dry feel. Plus, the bottle follows the drumbeat of the rest of Glossier’s aesthetically-pleasing packaging, so it’s much more #shelfie-friendly than the rest of your makeup-removing arsenal.


Milky Oil retails for $12 and can be purchased on Glossier’s website.


Milky Oil


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