If you’ve ever been to Glossier’s only brick-and-mortar location off Lafayette in NYC, you know that it’s a capital-E Experience with lush pinks and reds, clean, open spaces, and a penthouse locale that makes you feel just a little exclusive each time you visit. It’s basically an exact IRL version of the Glossier experience, and now, Los Angeles is about to experience the Glossier cult.

Off Melrose Avenue, near stores like Violet Grey and Isabel Marant, the second location of Glossier will reside. The 1,500-square-foot space is slated to open in May, WWD reports. Currently, there’s a month-long Glossier pop-up in San Francisco in Rhea’s Cafe, a popular restaurant in the Mission famous for its Korean steak sandwich. (Glossier and fried chicken in the same place? Yes, please.)

“Los Angeles is a huge market for us, and San Francisco — in a lot of California we have a lot of demand,” founder and CEO Emily Weiss told WWD. Fashionista reports that the pop-up opened on Friday and has seen a Glossier product purchased, on average, every 20 seconds. With the unique retail experience the company’s New York retail location offers, it will be exciting to see how those soft pinks look against the sunny backdrop of Los Angeles.

Glossier has operated more than a few pop-ups around the world, with week-long stops in London and Toronto, with the pop-up in Toronto reportedly drawing 10,000 visitors. While we don’t know much yet about what the newest Glossier location will look like, a few previous interviews about their NYC location give us some hints.

In an interview with Architectural Digest, Weiss described her inspiration for the Glossier You “offline experience” the brand created for their new fragrance.

“I was really inspired by theater, performance art, and magic shows when concepting the space,” explained Emily Weiss. “Everything about the experience is unique, from the way the customers physically interact with the fragrance to how the editors talk to the customers. We’re excited to be bringing Glossier You to life offline in a totally weird and unexpectedly luxurious way.”


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