Glossier’s Mysterious New Brand Is “Here For A Good Time”

By now, we all know about the beauty behemoth that is Glossier. The brand’s revitalizing baby-pink spin on the “no makeup” makeup trend took millennial hearts by storm, making it’s best-sellers like Boy Brow and Haloscope beauty bag essentials. And the brand’s beauty reign only seems to grow stronger, since in a mere 2 months into 2019 they fathomed to expand all shade ranges of their complexion-centered products, release a new skincare staple, and announce a whole new brand. Everyone, meet Glossier Play, the mysterious beauty line that’s “here for a good time.”



According to an Instagram announcement from Glossier founder Emily Weiss, Glossier Play is the second brand to be released under Glossier Inc, and is slated to launch in March 2019 after “two years of creation and a lifetime of being inspired by fun and freedom.” So, what can we all expect from the company’s latest venture? No one really knows. But, there are a few hints that point to a whole new, eclectic aesthetic that’s far from we we have seen from it’s tamed-down predecessor.


In a press email, Glossier’s team vaguely noted that Glossier Play is “a new beauty brand,” squashing all of the Twitter rumors that the brand is a fashion venture. Others have been speculating that the brand could be Glossier’s dive into the sex and wellness industry—because who doesn’t want a lube rendition of Haloscope? But, according to two trademarks filed by Glossier Inc, it seems highly unlikely. Back in 2017, the company filed their first trademark for Glossier Play as an e-commerce platform “in the fields of cosmetics, skin care and hair care products and services.” The second trademark, filed in early 2018, is for a product named “Glossier Play Tetra Chrome,” which is classified as “beauty products, namely, eye shadow and eye makeup.”


So, all signs point to their first product being an eyeshadow palette, and a glitzy one at that. But, who really knows—Glossier always likes to surprise us.

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