Every Glossier Play Product, Ranked

By now, everyone’s heard the news: Glossier has released a brand new, glitzy makeup line under their portfolio, fittingly titled Glossier Play. Once I found out about this sparkly new brand, which heavily deters away from Glossier’s original minimalist aesthetic, I just knew I had to road-test it myself. So, after a full week of pining over my computer with anticipation, I finally got my hands on the Playground set. Was it impressive? Debatable. But, while some products fell flat, there were a few surprising stand-outs that I’ve already incorporated into my daily beauty routine.



If you’re thinking about investing in your own set of Glossier Play picks, you may want to read this first. Below, we check out the best—and the worst—that Glossier Play has to offer.


#6: Glitter Gelée


Glitter Gelée


This sparkly multigrade paillette was supposed to be the biggest hit from the line, but was honestly my biggest disappointment. While the glitter is beautiful, I’m just genuinely not a fan of chunky glitters. The formula was a little too sticky for my lids, and the inconsistency left a patchy look. I’m assuming they went for the “purposely messy” route with this product, but unfortunately for me it was too messy. Also, it did leave my usually-insensitive skin a little itchy, so sensitive skin types may want to approach this product with caution.


#5: The Detailer


The Detailer


This tool was meant to be a nifty little product to apply the Glitter Gelée more precisely, but I found it more of a nuisance and decided to apply it with my fingers. The silicone tip wasn’t as flexible as I’d hoped it to be, and felt too stiff on my lid, causing an irritation with the rubbing and tugging. Maybe I used it wrong? I’ll have to give it another try, but for now it’s staying on my “not impressed” list.


#4: Blade




The eyeliner sharpener itself is exactly what you’d expect: an eyeliner sharpener. Although it’s pretty good, the fact that a brand that’s toting itself as “innovative” should’ve used more of their creative time to bring up an, I don’t know, innovative product? I don’t have any qualms with the product itself—it’s easy to clean, it’s very affordable, and it does the job—it just doesn’t feel like a necessary addition to this collection.


#3: Niteshine




This highlighter concentrate is actually pretty impressive. Think of it as the rebel sister of Haloscope: just a touch of this powerfully pigmented formula and you have a radiant glow that shines to outer space. But, this product loses a few points for its slightly tacky feel when it dries. It’s a great budget-friendly highlighter for those of you who like liquid formulas, but you may want to go light on the application to avoid any stickiness.


#2: Colorslide




I can’t deny it: The formula of these eyeliners are perfection. They’re easy to apply, they don’t budge an inch, and every single shade in the 14-color range is so vivid and bright. They’re great for anyone who wants to add a bit of color to their usual eyeliner routine. The only downfall: there’s no true-black shade. As a person who religiously wears black eyeliner, I would love if they used this formula to make a black option. Glossier, if you’re paying attention, PLEASE make a black shade!


#1: Vinylic Lip


Vinylic Lip


God, how I love this lip lacquer. While it takes a few clicks from the click-pen packaging to get it out, the formula of this lippie is excellent. It glides on smoothly, with a wet dewy finish of a gloss, but doesn’t feel goopy or glue-like. Rather than weighing your lips down, it lets them breathe and moisturizes your pout. All of that for only $16? I’ll take it.

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