This Beauty Trick Might Be Our Going-Out Skin Savior

Set and mist all you want, but after a few hours (and tequila shots) later, your makeup can go from flawless to, well, not in the blink of an eye.  But, fret not, because celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin spilled one game-changing hack every club kid will now and forever abide by: Q-tips.


Before sending her Hollywood clients down the red carpet, Goodwin told Vogue UK she gifts them cotton-tipped swabs lightly dipped in foundation for good measure, and calls it her version of a “magic eraser.” You can use it as a touch-up to correct any fading, wipe away any lipstick smears, or blend out any mascara lingering under your eyes. It’s truly a godsend idea that even the most over-served of us can easily execute.


While in theory this seems like a great idea, it does bring up a few queries: Do said Q-tips leave our bags a foundation-covered mess? Won’t they dry out? But, considering the fact that Goodwin is an editorial MUA veteran—as well as Emma Stone’s go-to artist for a decade, and a favorite of Amal Clooney—she probably knows what she’s talking about.


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