Celebrate Gossip Girl’s Return With This Unearthed Taylor Momsen Video

Just when you thought all was lost, Gossip Girl, arguably the whitest series to ever grace primetime television—famous for characters wearing stockings in every shade of the rainbow—is back with new teens, this time navigating gossip in a social media-ruled society on HBO. 


It’s something fans have lusted after for many moons. Josh Schwartz-spearheaded shows, The OC and Gossip Girl, garnered such widespread popularity that their lasting impact on Hollywood’s approach to teen narratives can still be felt.


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The subsequent projects of the starring actors never really eclipsed, or even matched, the acclaim of the teen dramas in which they got their start, and perhaps for that reason, we still think of them as their characters: Seth and Summer, Blair and Serena, and Dan and Jenny Humphrey. 


That’s not for a lack of trying. Taylor Momsen, who was famously fired from her role of Jenny over bad behavior, tried to make it big on the rock-n-roll scene in her band, The Pretty Reckless. At the height of its hype, Taylor Momsen sat down with NYLON to discuss all things hardcore (including what she’s listening to—Alanis Morisette and Pink Floyd).


Enjoy the blast from the past below, and ready yourself for Gossip Girl‘s reboot.



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