Never Leave The Country With These Grow-Your-Own Grass Sandals

I know, you’re tired. City life has drained you. You can no longer stomach the month-long wait for the mere two-week window during which the weather allows you to comfortably travel over an hour to the nearest semblance of nature. Your mental health is suffering, and your feet, well, they’re softer and less equipped for genuine physical activity than the donut you left in the sun. Thankfully, there’s a way to have the best of both worlds.


If you’ve always wanted to embody the lifestyle and aesthetic of a very small cult (like a wholesome, live-off-the-land polygamy-centric cult—not an Allison Mack cult) then boy does this brand have the innovation for you: grass sandals. Yes, literal grass, grass that you must nourish just so you can walk eternally barefoot on—you guessed it—grass, while simultaneously inhabiting areas that are not actually, you know, grassy.


Never Leave the Countryside These Grow-Your-Own Grass Sandals 1


The Somersby Grass Slippers are allegedly the first grass slippers ever created (it’s truly staggering that no one conceptualized this footwear option before), designed and crafted by hand in Sweden. They’re made of biodegradable cork and leather, and that allegedly “work just as perfect at the office, at the club or as an impressive interior design piece.” Emphasis on impressive.


Naturally, something this unique does not come cheap. The slippers will set you back around $150 dollars, but hey, you may be significantly less stressed about your depleted bank account once you strap yourself in.


Purchase some for yourself here and come back down to earth.

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