The app has added more gender-neutral terms — and now even straight people can use the app.

Grindr, as you probably know, is a hookup app generally used by men who have sex with other men. Last week, that all changed. The app rolled out a new update on iOS and Android making their “gender” category more inclusive of different gender options — and it also means that now women and straight men can use the app.

New options for gender include “trans man,” “woman,” “trans woman,” “non-binary,” “queer,” and “crossdresser,” in addition to custom categories you can create yourself. When you’re selecting your gender on the app, a box pops up inviting you to “Enter your gender identity.”

The changes come as a result of Grindr conducting a survey with thousands of their existing users who are transgender. “We created written resources linked from the gender identity fields in the profile to answer cis users’ questions and decrease that burden on trans people,” Grindr director of equality Jack Harrison-Quintana said in an emailed statement to The Verge.

In addition, gender-neutral language is now used across the app, and an FAQ on the app explains trans issues. Now we can all be on Grindr? It’s lit.


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