First things first: How did we not think of dog models sooner? They’re cute as heck, have all sorts of body types, and have beautiful fur that will accentuate the clothes. They might drool on them a bit, but true quality should withstand that. Gucci is celebrating Chinese New Year, which begins on February 16, with a Year of the Dog collection, and a typically dreamy Petra Collins photo shoot to accompany it.

The collection, featuring 63 dog-themed pieces, was inspired by artist Helen Downie aka Unskilled Worker’s illustrations. She gifted Alessandro Michele a pillow with a graphic of his two Boston terriers, Bosco and Orso. Considering terriers are very chic and quirky-looking pups, they look good on the collection’s items, which range from shoes to handbags, watches to denim shorts.

Petra Collins shot the sunlight-drenched garden party-inspired campaign, featuring models and dogs and one old man and orange juice. You can shop the collection here, and considering that Gucci has also created an interactive garden in Florence this year, who knows what the rest of 2018 holds!


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