5 Things To Know About Gucci’s 2020 Cruise Show

On Monday morning, Gucci announced that its Cruise 2020 show will take place in Rome. Happening on May 28, the show’s old-world locale will be a continuation of the Harmony Korine-shot Pre-Fall 2019 lookbook, set in Pompeii and Herculaneum.


“The choice of location continues Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s dialogue with the old world, this time drawing from a place reminiscent of his childhood,” the brand said in a release. “Located on the Capitoline Hill, the Museums offer a unique look inside centuries-old history of Ancient Rome through a rich antiquities collection.”

5 Things To Know About Gucci's 2020 Cruise Show 4

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci.

Below, here are five things to know about Gucci’s Cruise 2020 show:


1. It will take place at the world’s oldest museum complex. Set to be held at the Capitoline Museums, the show will be held at what’s generally considered to be the oldest museum in the world, which opened to the public in 1734. The series of archeological and art museums were conceived by Michelangelo in 1536 and brought to life over a period of more than 400 years.


2. Rome is home to Alessandro Michele and Gucci’s creative team. Not only was Michele born in Rome, but he continues to live and work there. Gucci’s headquarters are located in the city’s Palazzo Alberini-Cicciaporci, a centuries-old palazzo designed by famous Renaissance painter and architect Raphael.


3. It’s a continuation of Gucci’s “Old World” collection. When Korine shot the brand’s Pre-Fall lookbook in the archaeological parks of Herculaneum and Pompeii, Gucci said in a statement last December that it wanted to “preserve and promote these two ancient Roman cities, bringing their fascination and historical memory to the attention of new generations and an increasingly interactive audience.

5 Things To Know About Gucci's 2020 Cruise Show 3

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci.

5 Things To Know About Gucci's 2020 Cruise Show 2

Photo: Courtesy of Gucci.

4. Gucci also announced its plan to support the restoration of Rupe Tarpea. Along with the Cruise 2020 venue announcement today, the release announced Gucci’s two-year commitment to financially support the restoration of Rupe Tarpea aka the Tarpeian Rock, a steep cliff overlooking the Roman Forum. Until the first century A.D., criminals were sentenced to death from the cliff.


5. The brand also supported a similar restoration in Florence. After holding its Cruise 2018 show at Florence’s Pitti Palace Palatina Gallery, Gucci donated $2.1 million towards the renovation of the Boboli Gardens just outside the gallery.

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