How Did The Logo Thong Become This Season’s Hottest Accessory?

While you were sleeping, old underwear become the hottest new trend. Kylie Jenner wore a Chanel bikini that was conceived before she was, and now both older sister Kim Kardashian and beloved songstress Solange have both been spotted in a rare Gucci thong that is older than Bella Thorne. 


The collector’s item is priced at roughly $1000, which makes it a steal in comparison to Kylie Jenners $2k plus Chanel swimwear. Naturally the piece emerged from Tom Ford’s tenure at the luxury label, debuting on the catwalk during one of the designer’s showcases in 1997.


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The thong, which features the double G logo and thin black straps, reemerged on Kardashian last summer and more recently was worn by Solange in her “Way to the Show” visual from her latest release, When I Get Home.  

The Gucci thong did more than just reappear, however, it started an exposed-underwear aesthetic of the like we haven’t seen since the early ’00s (read: DSquared SS 2005).

Alexander Wang quickly hopped on the trend for his take on ‘Camp’ for this year’s Met Gala, dressing Hailey Bieber to pay homage to logo thong. Her baby pink satin G-string was built into her sequin gown, a large, silver ‘Wang’ sitting on her lower back. 

Logos aside, we’ve seen the thong-as-accessory popping up more and more frequently—from the red carpet…

To the runway.


When Did The Logo Thong Become This Season's Hottest Accessory?


Which meant it was only a matter of time before the trend was adopted by legions of influencers. 

Better get in quick, there’s no telling how long this one is going to last. 



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