Some things are so ridiculously decadent that you can’t help but buy into the fun—the $1,100 ice bucket fun. Gucci, the current queen of over-the-top, whimsical luxury, is selling an ice bucket for exactly $1,135.

Now, what could you use this ice bucket for to get your money’s worth? Well, if you have $1,100 to spend on an ice bucket, then it probably belongs on your yacht off the coast of Corsica with several bottles of Dom Perignon neatly tucked in among the ice cubes. Or, maybe it belongs next to your infinity pool. Or! Maybe it belongs in a rap music video.

Either way, Alessandro Michele likes to have fun, and this ice bucket is further proof of that. The tote is made of pastel-pink rubber and has GUCCI emblazoned on the side. It first made its runway debut during the label’s Spring/Summer ‘18 show in Milan last September. It was being toted down the runway by a model wearing mysteriously non-ice bucket related apparel: a shiny, furry red jacket and a sensible, below-the-knee black skirt.



But maybe that’s part of the fun: Who knows why this model was carrying an ice bucket? For nefarious reasons, we can only imagine. If spending $1,100 on an ice bucket feels excessive, why not make the bucket pull double-duty as a chic (and water-resistant!) summer bag?

You can also procure this fun accessory for $980, and while you’re at it, you might as well pick up the $290 Gucci mug, too. And if you don’t mind spending the price of a car on a super-glam and romantic velvet screen, Gucci’s three-panel screen can be yours for $32,000. Why not Gucci-fy your life? After all, Alessandro Michele’s world sounds like the world to be in.

As i-D’s André-Naquian Wheeler wrote, Alessandro Michele’s Gucci is not just about the clothes; it’s an immersive world, with the Italian designer creating a Wes Anderson-tinged pastiche of cultural references. In this gender-bending, timeless world: boys wear skirts, glitter bodysuits are casual daywear, and ice buckets cost almost $1,000.


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Herbarium bee mug



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