Lately, it seems like Gucci does something new every day. From Dapper Dan’s new Harlem boutique to their Pre-Fall 2018 lookbook, Gucci is a maximalist label in every sense of the word.

As a fan of anything decadent and over-the-top, the relentless Gucciness of Gucci has been totally up my alley, and their Spring 2018 campaign just became the icing on the cake.

Past Gucci ads have featured everything from UFOs to flamingos, but this campaign feels more like surreal depictions of antique paintings. Glossy photographs have been replaced by surrealist digital paintings by Ignasi Monreal, a Spanish artist. Richly colored paintings tell futuristic fairy tales; a knight checks his iPhone while riding a horse and mermaid fins poke out from crystal evening gowns in a tucked-away cove.

They’re incredibly beautiful and now I want a Gucci painting in my living room. See the full collection here.

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