You know how the perfect meme comes along sometimes, and it’s so on-the-nose and inexplicably perfect and bizarre? That is Gym Kardashian — the meme of a beefy, muscled Kim Kardashian currently making the internet rounds.

Expertly timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day, Gym Kardashian is a reminder to us all that being an independent, strong woman is always a good thing. The meme was created by Twitter user Jay Paul George, when he Photoshopped a beefed-up Kim Kardashian with the caption “About to hit the gym.” It’s a bit of a play on Kim Kardashian’s recent KUWTK announcement that she’s training with celebrity trainer Melissa Alcantara. Obviously, the internet has taken this meme and ran with it, and beautiful things have resulted. Here are some of our favorites:

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