It seems that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have cut their Fashion Week circuit short. Officially, it’s only day 4 of Paris Fashion Week, but Baldwin and Bieber have already hightailed it out of the Europe and are back in Ontario, Canada, according to “Bieber News” photos from Twitter that were posted on Wednesday.

Never one to pass up a photo op with fans, Bieber and Baldwin were spotted kindly posing for pictures in Kitchener, a town within Ontario yesterday. Previously, the couple had been spotted in Milan together on a trip for fashion week. But more photos from Hailey’s Instagram Story further prove that she’s been in Canada with Justin. One shows the 21-year-old model holding a coffee cup from Canadian chain Tim Horton’s, and another shows that she’s on Bell LTE Network, a Canadian cell phone service provider, which Elle discovered through some deep digital sleuthing.

The fact that Baldwin cut her fashion week short is seems like a missed opportunity given her fledgling modeling career, but sometimes quality time is more important than work. According to a report by TMZ, Bieber recently bought a “$5 million mansion” in Ontario where he plans to settle down with fiancé Baldwin, so it makes sense that they would want to spend time settling into things here.

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