Hailey Bieber Has A New Job

In a move that is likely going to disappoint many fashionistas who believed their re-appropriation of the Levis’ classic blue 501 jean to be wading unknown territories, Levi decided who their ultimate 501 girl will be: Hailey Bieber.


The model and newlywed is the first face of the style, ever, which serves as more evidence that the trend — purveyed largely by the likes of Bella Hadid and Instagram brands like Redone — has gone mainstream. Bieber was reportedly selected due to her affinity for Levis and dedication to 501s, claiming she stole her first pair from her father, Steven Baldwin.


“I’ve been wearing cut-offs ever since I can remember,” the star told WWD, “they make me feel like me.”


Hailey Bieber Has a New Job 1


The young model’s influence will see the brand’s release a Hailey Baldwin-customized pair of 501 Original Skinny Jeans, 501 Short and 501 Authorized Vintage. “H-A-I-L-E-Y” is spelt in varsity-inspired patches down the 502 jeans (if your name happens to be Hailey, you’re in luck), whereas the distressed, navy 502 Shorts feature bleach splatter. The biggest nod to the resurgence of the 501, however, comes in the form of the 501 Authorized Vintage, which features a sexy slit under the right back pocket — a popular DIY update to the style. 


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Levi Strauss & Co. chief marketing officer Jennifer Sey revealed to the outlet that the brand was impressed Bieber seemed to be a “real authentic fan.”


“Hailey has been wearing our icons, Levi’s 501s and 501 shorts and trucker jackets, without us having to ask her to,” Sey said of Bieber’s selection. “It never felt right before but we love Hailey’s energy and optimism. It felt like the right time to associate a face with 501.”


But if you’re looking for 501s to see you through summer that don’t spell another woman’s name, there’s still a wealth in vintage stores and resell sites. Happy shopping!


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