This Influencer’s Style Secret Is The $5 Bin At Goodwill

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Despite the fact that Hanna Woldetsadik is a both a full-time student at NYU and a full-time model with Wilhelmina, it’s her natural eye for unique patterns and colors that we can’t get enough of. Woldetsadik has the ability to transform basic piece by accessorizing with patterned scarves and hair pieces—it’s no wonder we’re obsessed. Below, we talked to Woldetsadik about her go-to thrift stores, her Ethiopian style influences, and her hidden $5 shopping secret.


Where do you live?

“I live in Chinatown right now because I’m finishing my last semester at NYU, but in a month or two I’m moving to Brooklyn!”


Where are your favorite places to shop?

“I love shopping at thrift storesthat’s where I get the majority of my stuff. There are a ton of great ones throughout Brooklyn and lower Manhattan, and there’s even this crazy Goodwill in Queens where you can get a pound of clothes for $5.”


What brands are you loving right now?

“I’m not really much of a brand person! Most of my clothes are from random places; it’s more about what I just happen to come across when I’m out shopping.”


What are your go-to outfit essentials?

“I love a good bag and at least a couple of cute hair accessories. They really can take a look to the next level.”


Tell us your style philosophy?

“I think style has more to do with making the best out of the resources you have, rather than buying a lot of expensive, name-brand clothes. Thrifting is perfect for that reason because it’s so much more fiscally responsible and also presents a fun challenge because of the random stuff thrift shops tend to have. Also, buying secondhand clothing is soo much better for the environment than participating in fast-fashion!”


What style rules, if any, do you religiously follow?

“I’m not really one for rules. I like just waking up and deciding what colors and patterns I own represent the mood I’m in. Taking risks and mixing and matching random stuff keeps things interesting!”


Casual or dressy?

“Dressy but comfortable is the sweet spot.”


What country or culture do you think captures your style most?

“I have a very Western style but I am influenced by Ethiopian traditions, which you can see in my outfits; I tend to bring in traditional Ethiopian scarfs and Asian prints and patterns.” 


Hot or cold weather?

“Hot weather!!!! I like wearing as little clothing as possible. Cold weather can be fun with the variety of jacket choices, but layering gets old real quick.”


Hannah Woldetsadik Loves Shopping at a $5/pound Goodwill

Emil Rutenberg

Standout Artsy Blazer




Baguette Vintage Lime Green Leather Shoulder Bag



Enza Costa

Ribbed Tank Dress







Hannah Woldetsadik Loves Shopping at a $5/pound Goodwill 1

Kylie single-breasted Blazer

Cinq A Sept



Fleur Du Mal

James Slip Skirt



Urban Outfitters

Ellie Modern Crossbody Bag




Moss Top



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