If anything sensual and witchy is going to happen to you this week — hell, this month! — it is today my babes. Today, January 16, is the birthday of four true Capricorn monarchs: Aaliyah, Sade, Kate Moss, and FKA Twigs. Vashie created a mix celebrating the vibes of “these influential and iconic Capricorn women.” Check it out here. Below, a brief tribute:

Sade, Futuristic Smooth Operator

I’m going to make an argument that Sade Abu might singlehandedly be the most influential female icon for style and music today. This is an obviously bold claim with, I feel, a lot of truth to it. Photos of Sade, of which there are plenty on mood boards and Instagram pages, look like they could be ahead of even today’s trends. Sade seems to be from the future — some sort of steamy, smooth, slicked-back ponytail future.

FKA Twigs/ Video Girl

FKA Twigs, Video Girl 

Speaking of supernaturally sexy, FKA Twigs’ breakout “Two Weeks” is, in my humble opinion, the sexiest modern-day song. She’s like Sade’s more performance-art oriented daughter, and her videos have kicked off an aesthetic of BDSM and braids that have shaped the last few years.

Aaliyah in Tommy Hilfiger

Aaliyah, Angel So Fly

In 2011, The FADER published an oral history of Aaliyah’s life and influence, speaking to Missy Elliot, a close collaborator of the late singer, Kidada Jones, Aaliyah’s best friend, and Dame Dash, Aaliyah’s boyfriend. It’s one of the best music profiles I’ve read. “The thing with Aaliyah is that everybody liked her,” Dame Dash says. “I mean, people who didn’t like anybody liked her. Didn’t just like her, were obsessed with her. She was just super-cool. She had this certain swagger about her. Her coolness was just innate, it was in everything she did.”

Kate Moss, Queen of Debauchery 

No one looked better partying than Kate Moss. Beautiful, dirty — cigarette dangling out of her mouth as she stands in the ocean wearing a sea-green ball gown. There’s not a more iconic debaucherous image! An arbiter of trashy/glam, she paired dress pants with sneakers, freed the nipple, and sported the visible thong.

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