Harry Styles Holding a Tiny, Teacup Pig Will Ruin You

Gucci strikes again. Today, the Italian fashion house launched their latest “Men’s Tailoring” campaign for the Cruise 2019 season (better known as Resort in the womenswear world), for all of you jet-setters out there. Not so surprisingly, #GucciGang ambassador Harry Styles fronts the campaign. Not alone though, Styles is surrounded by a plethora of tiny piglets and lambs. The singer and actor also starred in Gucci’s “Tailoring” campaign for the Fall 2018 season with a pet chicken and puppies, which was pretty cute, admittedly. But this, this is on another level. How will Gucci ever out-cute this?:

Harry Styles Holding a Piglet Will Ruin You

Answer: they can’t! They. Can’t. They’ve hit the cute jackpot and now we, the viewers, are forever desensitized by anything that is less than.

Harry Styles Holding a Piglet Will Ruin You 1


We’re all just lambs, looking for a Harry to sling us over his shoulders (unless you’re not, in which case, never mind!), like so:Harry Styles Holding a Piglet Will Ruin You 2But, show me something more awe-inducing than Styles holding baby farm animals. I dare you!Harry Styles Holding a Piglet Will Ruin You 3You can’t! You’re wrecked, I know it.

Where do we go from here?

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